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This page provides links to resources for the Amber DRPG System. It is by no means complete, but a result of what I've located on the web that is of some interest. Please let me know if there are any problems with the links. Thank you!


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Current news:


Just released...

Lords of Gossamer and Shadow - Diceless Patronage Project
Powered by Erick Wujcik’s Diceless Roleplaying

Lead Designer: Jason Durall
(Amber Diceless Role-Playing, Shadow Knight, A Game of Thrones RPG, Supernatural RPG)
Editing: Perry Grosshans (A Witch's Choice)
Lead Artist: Jason Rainville (Coliseum Morpheuon)
Cartography: Jonathan Roberts (Kobold Quarterly)

For more information, please go here:



The Amber DRPG and Shadow Knight are now available as PDF documents!

Get them at www.DriveThruRPG.com!

There are more rumors or details of an upcoming film on SciFi Wire. "The Chronicles of Amber" - Based on Roger Zelazny's best-selling 10-volume series, this four-hour miniseries tells the story of a royal family with amazing powers over time and space, which is plagued by in-fighting as it tries to unite against a sinister enemy. Richard Christian Matheson will write the screenplay. Tom Patricia of Patriarch Pictures will serve as executive producer. 


I will post more information as I learn of it.


There is a place where Amber can be played on line. Check at www.RPOL.net! Search for active Amber games. Some games may be looking for new players.


Amber DRPG and related WebRings:

RPG Library


Amber Open Directories:

Omniseek Open Directory of Amber

Dragonsfall PBEM's and MUSH's Directory of Amber


Amber Reviews:

A review appeared in "Dragon Magazine" Issue 182 June 1992 pages 96-100.

Now, there's a new review of Amber Diceless over on www.rpg.net.


Amber Links:

Diceless by Design, Incorporated, the new Amber publishing company headed by Edwin Voskamp and Eric Todd. 




Ambercon website! Note that "The Black Road" has moved: www.theblackroad.com.

Amber Online

Shadows of Amber - an Amber forum.

Amber the Eternal City by Arref Mak (The link has changed.)

Who's Who and What's What in Amber by Fuchsia Groan

Bolthy by Jeremy Zimmerman

Amber Site by Kris Fazzari

The Amber Pattern Navy by Scott Herndon and Doyce Testerman

GURPS Amber by Steve Peterson, published in Brandon Blackmoor's site for Black Gate Publishing. GURPS Amber is hosted by RPG Library.

Roger Zelazny - Amber Only one real world... Hiroshi Okawa's is a Zelazny fan. His graphics were used for covers of the Korean version of the Amber series (1st and 2nd). A tour of his graphic art is in the "Virtual Shift in the Amber World".

The Suburbs of Amber by Marissa K. Lingen - about Ursula K. Le Guin's book "The Language of the Night".

Roger Zelazny Page by Norris' Megazeux

Zelazny & Amber by Scott Zrubek.

Madeline'sProto-Amber Page. With the 'Annotated Amber' and 'A Canonical Timeline of the Events of the Corwin Chronicles'.

Karen Alfrey's "Nine Rednecks in Amber".

AmberMUSH Gilbert-and-Sullivanesque Operetta.

A discussion thread on Amber:

"Edumacate me on this Amber Diceless Roleplaying game" over on rpg.net


Amber Maps and geography: http://www.teuse.net/games/amber


Amber discussion boards:

Yahoo! Groups based upon Amber DRPG

In the Shadow of Greatness - by Arref Mak. Comments on Amber and RPG's.

BLOG Jvstin style - by Paul Weimer. Comments on Amber, RPG's, and other interest.

Yahoo! Groups: courtsofchaos - Friends of Courts of Chaos. Owner is vramin_the_green_mage.


Amber (and related) Humor:

Stress relief for an Amberite

Evil Overlord, Inc. by Peter Anspach.

If I Were... by John VanSickle. (The ongoing lists.)


Amber Trump Links:

Amber Trump Cards by Wendi Strang-Frost


Bookery Fantasy of Fairborn, Ohio. (937) 879-3940 or (937) 879-1408. My local resource for gaming material.


Feng Shui Action Movie Roleplaying by Dave Blewer.


Research on Languages:

Shelta Language Lexicon by Richard J. Waters

Old Welsh Books - Thari


Research on Fencing:

Historical Armed Combat Association - Historical Fencing Terminology


Want a tool for generating newspaper clippings?

The Newspaper Clipping Generator!



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