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Amber Timeline

This page features the Amber Timeline, with corrections added to include Steed and a current campaign group.

* (in red) Details of the group's activities


The Beginning


There is nothing?
Primal Chaos is born
First shape-changers are born
The Serpent and Unicorn come into existence
The Courts of Chaos are created
Oberon is born to the Unicorn (father is Dworkin)
Dworkin flees from Chaos to a small sudden island
Dworkin meditates upon the abyss
The Jewel is revealed to Dworkin by the Unicorn

4000 BC

Dworkin creates Amber out of Chaos
Oberon marries Cymnea


Benedict, Osric, Finndo, born to Cymnea (father is Oberon)
Dworkin begins to fashion the family Trumps
Eric born to Faiella (father is Oberon)
Oberon dissolves marriage to Cymnea
Oberon marries Faiella (father is Oberon)
Osric kills three of the House of Karm in a vendetta
Oberon acquits Osric at a hearing, though he is friendly with Karm
Oberon sends Osric to front lines in a nasty war
Osric dies
Finndo dies, purportedly in the service of Amber
Corwin born to Faiella (father is Oberon)
Caine born to Rilga (father is Oberon)
Faiella dies giving birth to Deirdre (father is Oberon)
Oberon marries Clarissa
Fiona, Bleys born to Clarissa (father is Oberon)
Llewella born to Moins (father is Oberon)
Oberon divorces Clarissa
Oberon recognizes Llewella as legitimate
Brand born to Clarissa (father is Oberon)
Flora born to Dybele (father is Oberon)
Julian, Gerard born to Rilga (father is Oberon)
Sand, Delwin born to Harla (father is Oberon)
Random, Mirelle born to Paulette (father is Oberon)
Mandor born to ? (father is Sawall)
Jurt born to Dara (father is Sawall)
Despil born to Dara (father is Sawall)
Coral born to Kinta of Begma (father is Oberon)


Sand and Delwin depart from Amber

The Old Days

Deela the Desacratrix burns Unicorn shrines at Begma
Oberon defeats Deela, takes her prisoner, rapes her
Deela escapes
Dalt born to Deela (father is Oberon)
Deela begins to raid once more around Begma
Oberon sends Bleys to defeat and kill Deela
Corwin and Bleys strand Random on an island
Random puts a spike in Corwin's boot
Brand, Bleys, and Fiona study with Dworkin
Kashfa and Begma clash over Eregnor
Corwin rules over Avalon
Random goes to Rebma and elopes with Morganthe
Martin born to Morganthe (father is Random)
Random banished from Rebma
Martin walks Pattern, leaves Rebma
Corwin gulls Caine
Corwin beats Julian at his favorite game


Moonriders out of Ghenesh attack Amber
Benedict holds the pass above Arden against the Moonriders
Dark things out of Shadow attack at Jones Falls
Brand has argument with Corwin
Corwin and Eric fight while hunting in the Forest of Arden

Before the Chronicles

-156y - 1664

Corwin exiled by Eric after their fight
Brand and Gerard search for Corwin in many shadows
Tomb built for Corwin, assumed dead
Benedict leaves Amber for Avalon

-74y - 1787

Flora goes to Shadow Earth

-72y - 10/1790

Flora first spots Corwin on Shadow Earth
Dworkin tells Oberon how to destroy the Pattern
Oberon imprisons Dworkin
Brand, Bleys, and Fiona form cabal
Oberon gets mad with Eric and glorifies Corwin over dinner
Brand allies with powers from Chaos and learns how to destroy Pattern

-65y - 1850-1855

Brand asks Llewella and Random about Martin


*Steed is born to Flora on Shadow Earth.


*Steed starts boarding school in Winchester, England.


*Steed walks the Pattern (at age 12) under Flora and Gerard’s guidance. Meets Unicorn of Amber. Steed travels between Amber and Shadow Earth.


Jasra becomes consort to King Menillan of Kashfa
King Menillan dies
Jasra organizes coup headed by Jasrick and Kasman
Jasra and Brand meet over magical operation, secretly marry
Brand leaves Kashfa
Rinaldo born to Jasra (father is Brand)
Jasra has Jasrick killed
Jasra leaves for the Keep of the Four Worlds
Rinaldo is left in charge of Kashfa
Jasra stays in the Keep, trying to win over Sharu Garrul
Rinaldo takes Dalt to walk the Pattern at Tir-na Nog'th
Rinaldo worries about Jasra, attack the Keep with Dalt
Jasra beats Sharu in a sorcerous duel, pays off Dalt
Kasman takes over in Kashfa
Kasman attacks the Keep in order to eliminate Jasra and Rinaldo
Rinaldo leaves the Keep
Brand takes Rinaldo to walk the Pattern at Tir-na Nog'th
Brand initiates himself into the Fount of Power at the Keep
Dalt attacks the Keep on his own
Rinaldo takes Dalt to walk the Pattern at Tir-na Nog'th
Dalt attacks Amber, fails, is wounded by Benedict


*Steed attended Eton College, expelled.


*Steed served in the British Royal Navy, left as Major.


*Steed served in the Amber Army, left as Major. Visited the Golden Circle realm.


*Steed left for Shadow Earth, was on Cineverse Shadow Earth.

-2y - 1966

Random goes to Texorami
Brand paints a trump of Martin

-1y9m - 1967

Brand finds Martin and stabs him over the Pattern
Brand, Bleys, and Fiona involve Benedict with the hellmaids
Oberon is lured away by Brand, Bleys, and Fiona

-1y6m - 1967

Oberon is imprisoned in the Courts of Chaos

-3m - 1968

Bleys and Eric argue over the throne; Bleys leaves Amber
Eric seizes control of Amber
Bleys builds military strike force
Brand tries to win Caine over to the cabal, fails
Eric-Caine-Julian alliance formed
Brand sees Corwin in Tir-na Nog'th
Brand sees Corwin is Eric's mind
Brand under surveillance by Eric in Amber
Bleys and Fiona split with Brand
Corwin begins to regain memory

-2d - 1968

Brand escapes Amber, puts Corwin in Porter Sanitarium
Brand recaptured by Eric
Corwin escapes from Porter

0d - 1968

Brand escapes again, shoots Corwin's tires out
Eric puts Corwin in Greenwood, under Flora's care
Brand captured by Bleys and Fiona, put in Tower
Brand calls Random for help
Random attempts to save Brand, fails
Julian contacts Random about the throne
Random loses his Trumps

The Nine Princes of Amber


Corwin escapes Greenwood, goes to Flora's house
Corwin finds Flora's Trumps
Flora attempts to return to Amber, fails
Random arrives at Flora's house


Corwin and Random set out for Amber
Corwin and Random take Julian prisoner in Arden, release him
Corwin and Random save Deirdre, go to Rebma
Random sentenced to marry Vialle


Corwin walks Pattern in Rebma
Corwin transports himself to Amber
Corwin and Eric fight
Corwin goes to Bleys, encamped at Avernus
Bleys and Corwin make alliance
Corwin makes deals with Gerard and Caine to open the seas
Corwin contacts Oberon and Brand by Trump, both weakly
Corwin and Bleys build force, attack Amber, fail


Bleys falls off stairs, Corwin taken

+100d - 1968

Eric crowned
Corwin blinded, imprisoned, fed by Lord Rein

+4y10d - 1971

Corwin regains eyesight and escapes to Cabra with Dworkin's help
Corwin stays with Jopin at the Lighthouse


Corwin resists Trump contact, decides to leave Cabra

The Guns of Avalon


Corwin goes to Lorraine
Corwin meets Lance, travels to the Keep of Ganelon
Corwin meets Lorraine, the girl
Someone attempts to contact Corwin once more
Corwin and Ganelon defeat the Black Circle
Corwin and Ganelon travel to Avalon
Benedict romances Lintra, then kills her, losing an arm
Benedict defeats the hellmaids
Dara is born in Chaos (great-grandfather is Benedict)

+5y90d - 1972

Corwin and Ganelon meet Benedict


Corwin meets Dara
Ganelon kills Benedict's servants


Corwin gets diamonds and gunpowder


Corwin and Ganelon leave Avalon, encounter Black Road
Corwin saves girl from Black Road
Benedict chases Corwin, fights, loses
Corwin calls Gerard to help Benedict

+5y129d - 08/1972

Corwin gets Winchester 30-30 rifles on Earth
Eric begins major battle with Black Road
Corwin visits old house, reads Eric's message
Ganelon and Corwin go to Riik to collect troops

Ganelon and Corwin march on Amber
Dara arrives in Amber


Corwin wins battle at Amber
Eric dies in battle
Corwin and Random go to the Pattern
Dara completes the Pattern
Dara claims "Amber will be destroyed"
Merlin born to Dara (father is Corwin)
Merlin grows up in the Courts of Chaos

Sign of the Unicorn


Caine is found dead
Random tells his story (of the Tower) to Corwin
Corwin attunes to the Jewel
Flora tells her story (of Eric, etc.) to Corwin
Corwin visits his tomb with Ganelon


Corwin and Gerard fight, bury Caine, at the Grove of the Unicorn
Corwin and Gerard see the Unicorn
Brand is returned by united family effort
Fiona stabs Brand
Gerard takes care of Brand
Caine stabs Corwin
Corwin returns to Shadow Earth, stashes Jewel


Random brings Corwin back to Amber
Corwin visits Brand
Brand recovers well
Corwin goes to Tir-na Nog'th, gets mechanical arm from Benedict


Corwin, Ganelon, and Random follow Unicorn to Primal Pattern

The Hand of Oberon

Martin's Trump found in the Pattern
Benedict and Random seek Martin
Corwin talks to Vialle


Corwin goes to Dworkin's quarters
Corwin trumps to the Courts of Chaos, kills rider, meets Merlin


Corwin returns via Gerard's Trump
Corwin talks to Brand again
Caine attacks Brand
Ganelon tells Benedict about Dara
Corwin and Benedict form alliance
Gerard fights Corwin again, Ganelon intercedes
Corwin talks to Julian
Corwin returns to Earth to retrieve the Jewel, talks to Bill Roth
Brand gets the Jewel first
Corwin orders all the Patterns guarded
Corwin talks to Fiona
Brand show up at the Pattern in Amber, met by Gerard, flees
Brand starts walking the Primal Pattern
Corwin intercepts him, forces Brand to transport out
Random finds Martin, who tells his story
Brand goes to Tir-na Nog'th to walk Pattern there
Benedict intercepts him, regains the Jewel, using mechanical arm
Ganelon reveals himself as Oberon

The Courts of Chaos


Oberon takes command, gives separate orders to his children
Brand draws Trumps for Sand and Delwin, who refuse to help him
Replay of Tir-na Nog'th scene in Amber, Benedict loses arm
Corwin talks to Dara, learns of Merlin
Corwin tries to repair the Pattern himself and is stopped by Oberon
Corwin talks to Oberon
Oberon orders everyone to attack Chaos
Corwin begins his hellride
Oberon starts walking the Pattern to repair it
Oberon sends the Jewel to Corwin via the bird
Brand's first contact with Corwin ("Dad failed")
Corwin hides in cave, meets man with scripture
Corwin almost lured by dwarves and by Lady
Brand's second contact with Corwin (appears with crossbow, loses eye)
Corwin meets Ygg, Hugi, and the Jackal
Corwin inscribes a new Pattern
Brand's third contact with Corwin (grabs the Jewel)
Corwin and Brand both transport to Chaos
Corwin kills Duke Borel of Chaos


Battle of Chaos
Oberon's message in the sky
Brand killed by Caine's crossbow, drags Deirdre over the cliff
Family reunites after the battle
Oberon's funeral
Merlin appears
Random made King of Amber by the Unicorn
Corwin attunes Random to the Jewel
Random diverts the Wave of Chaos
Corwin tells his story to Merlin
Rinaldo hears of his father Brand's death, on April 30


*Steed returns to Amber from Cineverse Shadow Earth. Visited the Golden Circle realm, and established native identity.

Trumps of Doom
Merlin goes to Shadow Earth, studies computer science in college
Fiona takes Merlin to see Corwin's pattern
Bill Roth works up Patternfall Treaty between Random and Swayvil
Merlin meets Luke (Rinaldo) in college
Merlin takes his girlfriend Julia through Shadow


Rinaldo attempts to kill Merlin on April 30


Rinaldo tries again the second year, and the next


Rinaldo tries again the third year. Rinaldo breaks off the attempts on Merlin's life.
*Steed in Chaos for exchange program.


Jasra continues the attempts to kill Merlin on April 30
*Steed returns to Amber as Royal agent (emissary) for the throne. Visited the Golden Circle realm, under alternate identity.


Merlin and Rinaldo graduate and join Grand Design
Merlin begins building Ghostwheel
Merlin breaks up with Julia
Jasra attempts to kill Merlin, making a total of seven tries

+13y6m - 1984

*Paeoin, Sibaron, and Alexis are summoned for training, under the tutelage of Steed.
*Programmed spelled cards cause people to attack Amberites.


Merlin quits Grand Design, talks to Rinaldo about it
Julia is killed by a dog-beast from Shadow
Merlin goes to Julia's place, finds her dead, kills the beast
Merlin finds the Trumps of Doom
Merlin visits Rick Kinsky, Julia's old boyfriend
Merlin visits Victor Melman, kills him in self-defense
*Paeoin organizes a cat army (Amber Street Irregulars).
*A trip to Tir-na Nog'th is organized.
*Paeoin walks the Pattern of Tir and gains control over Shadow.
*Sibaron finds the Jewel of Tir and meets Dworkin. Starts training on the Jewel and becomes the Guardian of the Jewel of Dreams.
Jasra arrives at Melman's place, bites Merlin
Merlin trumps off to the Sphinx, escapes


Dalt gets ammo from Melman's building, burns it
Merlin returns to Melman's building, finds a 30-30 bullet
Caine murdered by Rinaldo
*Word of Caine's death was passed as card trick attack, not by gunfire.
*Eric was behind plot, escaping from the Jewel of Judgment.
*Eric attacks Rebnma with water storms. Random and Steed wrest control of the Jewel of Judgment from Eric. Eric was soon captured and turned into a coatrack by Sibaron.
*Statue of Eric is now in Throne room of Queen Moire. Alexis leaves Amber.
*Sibaron and Paeoin spend more time in training.
*Roadtrip to Shadow Earth to San Francisco and Los Angeles. Met with Captain Amos Burke.
*Tracked down cause of attacks. Found group of lost demons, forgotten since the Patternfall War.
*Paeoin sends then to Talmasque, to send back to Chaos with all due honors.
*Checks out Merlin's old place, then it leads to Lucas Raynard's place. Artwork is found of Luke, Jasra, and some unknown places.
Bleys wounded by Rinaldo
*With Bleys injury, word of attack is definitely out. Fiona discovers identity of Luke, Fiona and Bleys leaves Amber.
Merlin goes to Rinaldo's hotel, gets ring
Merlin checks into Hilton in Santa Fe
Merlin meets up with Rinaldo
Dan Martinez talks to Merlin
Merlin removes ring
Rinaldo and Merlin drive into the country
Rinaldo kills Martinez
Merlin goes to Bill Roth
Merlin meets George Hansen
Merlin and Bill Roth go to Amber
Random, Merlin, and Martin discovers that the 30-30 bullets explode in Amber
Merlin talks to Fiona and goes back to a bar on Earth
Merlin meets Meg Devlin and goes to her apartment
*Steed leaves for Kashfa for new undercover assignment.
*Flora takes over leading the team.
*Flora recognizes the sketch of Jasra and fills in the group.
*Flora, Paeoin, and Sibaron find a cache of 1000 30-30 bullets and folder of documents at an office of J.B. Rand, Inc. Sibaron conjures a batch of replacement bullets but they are blanks. The good bullets were passed to Random via Trump.
*They return to Amber to prepare for the funeral.
*They talk with Merlin to get the story so far, at least the important bits.
*Paeoin tells Random of his private army. A bullet is given to Paeoin to have more tracked down in the castle.
Caine's funeral
*An attack on the procession is stopped by Paeoin, using Logrus tendrils, the Winchester 30-30 rifle is taken but the assassin escapes.
Rinaldo attempts to shoot/blow up the Amberites, fails
Merlin tells Random about Ghostwheel, is told to shut it down, Merlin leaves.
*Flora, Paeoin, and Sibaron return to Shadow Earth, taking the Winchester 30-30 rifle. Met with Captain Amos Burke, congratulated them on ridding them of demon threat. The group reports a crime and wants forensics to check the rifle and Luke's room for fingerprints. Finds match! Burke also has his team check the serial number on the rifle. It was registered to a James Dalton! Following up on who is James Dalton, leads to Santa Fe, New Mexico area but a dead end.
*The group discovers that Steed is undercover and in disguise in Kashfa.

Merlin tries to reach Ghostwheel, but is told to go back
Merlin meets a lady in Shadow
Merlin meets Rinaldo in Shadow
Rinaldo imprisons Merlin in a crystal cave

Blood of Amber


Merlin is locked in the crystal cave for over a month
*Flora, Paeoin, and Sibaron gather items found from Luke's apartment. They find in hidden compartments: a box of 30-30 bullets, a rifle, 3 grenades, and clothing of Luke's - not of Shadow Earth. They leave Luke's and begin to Shadow ride and Hellride to locate Luke. They reach the crystal cave and ignore it (not knowing that they are leaving Merlin there).
Merlin rigs a booby trap and escapes
Merlin meets up with Jasra, immobilizes her
Merlin trumps to Flora on Earth
Rinaldo grabs Jasra away from Merlin
Flora tells Merlin about Jasra, Kashfa
Merlin tells Flora about Rinaldo
Merlin tries to call Meg Devlin and George Hansen, fails
Mask contacts Merlin
Flora and Merlin go to Julia's place
Merlin goes through trap door at Julia's place
Merlin runs into Scrof, defeats him
Rinaldo hires Dalt to attack the Keep with him
Merlin goes to the Keep of the Four Worlds, meets the hermit Dave
Dave tells Merlin about Sharu, Dalt, Kashfa, Jasra, Rinaldo, Brand
Merlin tries to move closer to the Keep, is stopped by Mask
Merlin trumps to Amber
*Flora, Sibaron, and Paeoin continue tracking Luke through Shadow to the Keep of the Four Worlds. They meet the hermit Dave. Dave tells them about Sharu, Dalt, Kashfa, Jasra, Rinaldo, Brand – and the status of the battle.
*They infiltrate the ranks in the battle to locate and capture Luke and Dalt, with Sibaron using the favored time freeze spell that he used on Eric. They are taken to Random via Trumps.
*Merlin is there with Random and Merlin convinces Random to release Luke to see where he stands with his vendetta. Luke convinces them to release him and Dalt to finish their assault on the Keep. Luke says that Jasra will be happy to regain the Keep and put an end to the vendetta.
*It is agreed upon to have Luke and Dalt released, but Flora, Sibaron, and Paeoin will accompany them to the Keep. Preparations are being made before they attack the Keep.
*This is where we left off. The Merlin Chronicles are being gradually re-written...
Dalt intentionally wounds Rinaldo in battle at the Keep
Random tells Merlin about Dalt and Deela
Merlin goes to Bloody Bill's for seafood
Merlin meets Old John, the King's emissary
Merlin leaves, gets attacked, saved by Vinta Bayle
Merlin and Vinta go to Arbor House, where they trade information
Ghostwheel contacts Merlin
Rinaldo calls Merlin, trumps in
Merlin calls Dalt, Dalt shows aggression, Merlin hangs up
Rinaldo asks Merlin to help rescue Jasra
Merlin takes Rinaldo to crystal cave, negotiates deal
Merlin returns to Arbor House briefly
Merlin runs into a lop-eared wolf, which tries to kill him and escapes
Merlin returns to Amber, talks to Bill Roth
Merlin goes to Corwin's tomb
Merlin goes to the Pattern, walks it (to get rid of the blue stone attunement), trumps to the Keep
Merlin finds Jasra frozen
Mask appears, has duel with Merlin
Merlin trumps back to Amber with Jasra
Rinaldo contacts Merlin
Merlin goes into the main hall
Benedict and Random enter the main hall
Rinaldo tells all about Dalt's plan to attack Amber with riflemen
Merlin walks into a huge trump of himself, disappears into Wonderland

Sign of Chaos

Jaston, Ruler of Kashfa, falls off balcony, dies
*Steed completes assignment. Jaston is disposed of and plans are in place to make things safe for Random and Arkans.
Random goes to Kashfa to put Arkans on the throne
Random promises Eregnor (territory between Kashfa and Begma) to Arkans
Merlin and Rinaldo experience LSD in Shadow Wonderland
Fire Angel sets upon Merlin
Fire Angel is defeated by Merlin and the Jabberwock
Merlin calls Mandor, they talk
Fiona calls, comes through to Merlin
Tornado in Shadow
Merlin, Mandor, and Fiona talk about Corwin's Pattern
Mandor and Fiona team up to find cause of Shadow storms
Merlin returns to Amber, talks to Llewella and Vialle
Begma delegation arrives (Orkuz, Nayda, Coral)
Coral and Merlin walk
Jurt attacks Merlin in the caves, fails, retrieved by Mask
Jurt returns to the Keep to be initiated into the Fount of Power
Merlin takes Coral to the Pattern below Amber
Coral walks the Pattern, asks it to transport her somewhere
Martin goes punk
Fiona and Mandor call Merlin, warn him about Ghostwheel
Rinaldo calls Merlin, they plan attack on the Keep
Nayda and Merlin talk
Ghostwheel calls Merlin, warns him about Fiona and Mandor
Merlin tells Ghostwheel about the attack on the Keep
Mandor calls, Merlin cuts him off
Merlin talks to Bill Roth
Merlin talks briefly with Benedict
Merlin attends state dinner with Llewella, Vialle, Bill, Begmans
Dalt arrives with a small army, demands Rinaldo and Jasra
Merlin is called to speak with Vialle about Dalt
Merlin brings Rinaldo through, they go to Julian in Arden
Rinaldo duels with Dalt, loses, is taken prisoner
Dalt's army retreats
Merlin returns to Amber
Merlin talks to Nayda in his room
Merlin creates Trump for Coral, reaches her briefly
Merlin attempts to reach Rinaldo, is blocked
Merlin realizes that Nayda is the Guardian, and he calls Mandor
Mandor binds the Guardian, who is a ty'iga demon
Merlin frees Jasra
Ty'iga can't tell Merlin who sent it, tells Mandor
Mandor refuses to tell Merlin
Merlin goes to Corwin's room
Jasra agrees to attack the Keep with Merlin
Ghostwheel takes Merlin, Jasra, Mandor to Keep
Merlin, Jasra, Mandor find Jurt and Mask
All five fight a battle of wizardry
Mask is injured
Sharu Garrul is freed
Mandor destroys the Fount
Mask is Julia
Jurt trumps away with Julia in his arms

Knight of Shadows

Jasra binds Sharu Garrul as the guardian of the Fount
Merlin, Mandor, and Jasra try to reach Coral via Trump
The force holding Coral comes for Merlin
Ghostwheel transports Merlin, Mandor, and Jasra to distant locals
Merlin is visited by Pattern Ghosts of Dworkin, Oberon, and Corwin
Corwin takes Merlin to the place between Pattern and Logrus (Undershadow)
Merlin summons Logrus, Frakir becomes sentient
Unicorn and Serpent "motivate" Merlin to choose sides, he refuses
Merlin unknowingly chooses the path of Chaos
Merlin walks undershadow, meets ghosts of Brand, Jurt, Caine, Lord Borel and Benedict
Merlin 'borrows' the Jewel of Judgment from Random's room
Benedict's ghost gives Lord Borel 'fencing lessons'
Merlin finds Coral unconscious in the center of a Broken Pattern
Merlin walks/repairs broken Pattern, wakes up Coral with an X-Rated spell breaker
Dworkin visits Merlin in his room at Amber
Merlin attunes to the Jewel
Merlin contacts Luke via Trump, finds that he's free and leading an army
The ty'iga grabs the Jewel of Judgement from Merlin calling it the Serpent's Left Eye or the Eye of Chaos
The Logrus and Pattern appear in Amber
Ghostwheel grabs the ty'iga and keeps the Logrus/Pattern at bay
Ghostwheel disappears with the ty'iga and the Jewel
The Serpent and Unicorn clash, part of castle Amber is destroyed
Dworkin trumps Merlin to safety
Ghostwheel returns the Jewel to Merlin
Merlin daydreams of those plotting against him
Merlin finds the ring, Spikard in Brand's room, puts it on
Merlin gets Weirwindle from Brand's room as a present for Luke
Dworkin places the Jewel in Coral's empty eyesocket and takes her to Kashfa
Merlin uses Spikard to trace Dworkin's path
Merlin goes to Kashfa using the Spikard
Merlin finds that Luke has taken control of Kashfa
Jurt arrives, grabs Weirwindle, gets blasted by Merlin's Spikard
Jurt grabs Coral as a hostage, she blasts him with the Eye
Jurt leaves taking Weirwindle with him
Merlin finds out that Coral is now Luke's wife

Prince of Chaos

Rinaldo is crowned King of Kashfa
Merlin is balked in examining the Jewel with the Spikard
The demon, Gryll, contacts Merlin and escorts him back to the Courts for Swayvill's funeral
Gryll tells Merlin about the imbalance of the Powers and of Mandor/Fiona's report to Suhuy
Merlin arrives at Suhuy's castle
Merlin attempts 'Reflection' sees Tmer, Tubble and Jurt
Mandor arrives at Suhuy's castle tells Merlin of the matters of the succession, makes a breakfast date with Merlin
Dara arrives at Suhuy's castle argues with Merlin about the ty'iga, makes lunch date with Merlin
Mandor and Dara depart, Merlin dreams of Coral, Luke, Victor Melman, Random, Julia, Jasra, Nayda (ty'iga), Jurt, Fiona, Corwin, Bill Roth, Dworkin, and the Cheshire Cat
Suhuy admits casting a spell on Merlin to cause the divinatory dream
Merlin is visited by Ghost, tells it how to reach the cavern where the Logrus is kept
Merlin attempts to contact Coral via Trump, she is asleep and he sees himself in her dreams
Merlin contacts Corwin, a black crow guardian pops out of the Trump
Merlin speaks with Suhuy about the bird, House Hendrake, and the late Lord Borel and Duke Larsus
Merlin meets with Mandor for breakfast they speak of the succession, the power struggle between Pattern & Logrus, the Amber Cult, and of Jurt's presence in the Courts
Merlin travels to cemetary reminisces about childhood and his friend Rhanda, meets Pattern ghost of Luke sent to warn him to leave the Courts.
Luke tells Merlin about Jasra's connection with the Courts and her Sorcerous training under Dara
Merlin 'feeds' Luke blood and they encounter a Logrus ghost of Lord Borel
Corwin's Pattern ghost shows up kicks Borel in the nether regions and knocks him out, Merlin & Luke follow Corwin to his Pattern
Luke's ghost gets adopted by Corwin's Pattern
Merlin encounters Glait on way to meet with Dara and it shows him the chapel dedicated to Corwin
Merlin and Dara dine, they speak of her sorceress skill and the Logrus
Ghostwheel seeks protection from Merlin as the Logrus shows up and demands it (Ghost just walked the Logrus...)
Merlin denies the Logrus, backed up by the spikard
Dara and the Logrus speak of her involvement with Brand and
Patternfall, of her sending Hendrake goons to get Coral
Merlin and Dara argue over Corwin, she tells him "Seek him in the Pit"
Merlin goes to the Maze of Art, meets Kergma, Jurt
Merlin and Jurt call a truce, they plan to free Coral from the Hendrakes
They pop into Kashfa, meet the real Luke, take him back to Corwin's Pattern where he speaks with his ghost, Jurt and Merlin go back to Chaos and the funeral
Tmer is assassinated with a dagger by Mandor's forces
They pop back, speak with the Lukes then back to Chaos and funeral
The Lukes, Nayda (ty'iga) track Coral's kidnapper's trail
Swayvil is dropped from the Rim along with Tubble
Gilva and Merlin visit the Corwin shrine they talk of the Cults
Merlin and Jurt return to the Lukes and continue tracking Coral, Dalt has joined them
Merlin acquires his horse, Tiger
Luke examines the spikard while Merlin feels 'withdrawl' symptoms
Merlin and Luke discuss the succession in Chaos
They find a tower with Pattern ghosts of Eric, Caine, Benedict and Gerard. Gerard is wrestling Chinaway Hendrake
Merlin sneaks in and takes Coral while Gerard snaps Chinaway like a twig, Merlin fries the Hendrakes, Pattern ghosts demand Coral, Dalt intervenes and gets cut down by Eric, Merlin toasts the ghosts but the Pattern transports them to the Primal Plane
Merlin disputes with the Pattern and holds it hostage with a bloody hand. Luke joins in and Merlin gets Coral and the rest away while Luke continues to harass the Pattern
Merlin dreams and meets Delwin and Bleys, they tell him of the spikard switcheroo and a bit about them, of Dara and Mandor's plans, Bleys gives him the original spikard but tells him not to wear it
Merlin returns to Chaos, frees Corwin with Corwin's ghost replacing him, Merlin and the Corwin ghost speak obscurely about Greyswandir
Merlin sees Julia at Jurt's place, they flirt
Merlin summons Ghost and frees him from Kergma's trick/trap
Mandor confronts Merlin, Merlin forcibly Trumps Dara through and they clash. Merlin wins with the spikard's power. Logrus shows up, Ghost shows up, Logrus concedes to Merlin's demands
Mandor sucks up, Dara storms off
Merlin sends Corwin back to Amber
Merlin is to become King of Chaos and war between the Pattern and Logrus seems imminent...

Extracted from: http://asherah.virtualave.net/rz/ambtime.html

Originally from: Found this at http://www.ens-lyon.fr/~jcdubacq/amber/timeline.html This took forever to find. Big thanks to all who were involved in finishing this timeline (Link is broken)

Another Amber timeline can be found at the Rutgers University Archive by Jean-Christophe Dubacq.


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