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Jack Wylde - Codename 'Tarquin'
d20 Modern RPG Character Sheet

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Codename: Tarquin Name: Jack Wylde
Department:   Player: Cal Westray
Nationality: English Skin: Light tan
Gender: Male Handedness: Right
Height: 6' 3" Weight: 180 lbs
Eyes: Steel Gray Hair: Dark Auburn Brown
Birthplace: London, England    
Date of Birth: 1976.05.20 (26 years old)    

Jack Wylde is the proverbial "Jack of all trades". What he doesn't learn, he tries to charm, intimidate, or fast-talk his way through.

Class: Fast/Charismatic Hero Level: 1
Occupation: Dilettante
(family business)(+1 ride)
Exp. Points: 0
*Charisma*: 18 (+4) *Dexterity*: 16 (+3)
Wisdom: 14 (+2) Intelligence: 14 (+2)
Constitution: 14 (+2) Strength: 13 (+1)
HP: 10 Reputation: +1 dilettante +2 charisma
Defense: 10 +3 Dex +3 Fast Action points: 5
Initiative: +3 Dex Wealth Bonus: 2d6 +6 dilettante +3 windfall +1 profession
Fortitude: +1 Class +2 Con Melee: +0 Class +1 Str
Reflex: +1 Class +3 Dex Ranged: +0 Class +3 Dex
Willpower: +0 Class +2 Wis Base Attack: 0
Campaign:   Speed: 30
Allegiances:   FX Abilities:  

Skills: (+skill level +ability modifier +other bonus) [Skill points: 64 (fast 28 + charisma 36)]
Balance (Dex) (+4 +3), Bluff (Cha) (+4 +4), Diplomacy (Cha) (+4 +4), Disguise (Cha) (+2 +4), Drive (Dex) (+4 +3), Gather Information (Cha) (+4 +4), Handle Animal [Horses] (Cha) (+4 +4 +2 feat-animal affinity), Hide (Dex) (+4 +3), Intimidate (Cha) (+4 +4), Knowledge [Business (Int) (+4 +2), Current Events (Int) (+1 +2), Streetwise (Int) (+1 +2)] Move Silently (Dex) (+4 +3), Profession [family business] (Wis) (+4 +2 +1 windfall), Ride (Dex) (+4 +3 +1dilettante +2 feat-animal affinity), Sleight of Hand (Dex) (+4 +3), Speak Languages [French (+1), Arabian [Modern] (+1), Spanish (+1), German (+1)], Tumble (Dex) (+4 +3)


Animal Affinity (+2 ride, +2 handle animal)
Personal Firearms Proficiency
Simple Weapons Proficiency
Windfall (+1 profession)

Lifestyle: Upscale apartment flat
Has Andalusian horses stabled
Has Polo gear
Talents: Defensive Talent Tree:
Leadership Talent Tree:
Vehicles: Luxury car (Jaguar XJ Sedan)
Attacks: Walther PPK (.32 autoloader pistol) (2d6) holds 7 rounds in clip
IDs: Wallet, passport:
Credit cards, Drivers License
Gun License, Lock Picking License

Large aluminum briefcase
Contains: (30 lbs. weight)
Laptop computer w/upgrade, Modem (Cellular), Cell phone, PDA, GPS receiver, Digital Audio recorder, Digital camera
Lock-picking kit, Disguise kit
Night vision goggles, Handcuffs (25 zip-tie), Gerber Multi-tool, Compass, Penlight

Clothes carrier
Contains: (11 lbs. weight)
1 set average clothes
1 set designer clothes
Personalized tuxedo liner
.32 ammo (50 rounds)

Budget: __

Weight of gear: 52 pounds

(4) Walther PPK (.32 autoloader pistol) (2d6) holds 7 rounds.
(All with Conceal Holsters, Laser sights, and extra clips or box magazines)
(11 lbs. weight)
Carry location: shoulder, hip, both ankles

   :  :  


Jack Wylde's background:


Wylde Horses (family business)

Grandfather: Simon Wylde

Grandmother: Mary Wylde


Father: John Wylde (Head of Finance, Public Relations, and Acquisition)

Mother: Emily Wylde


Uncle: Forest Wylde (Head of Security, Communications, and firearms training) runs a sophisticated security and communications network.

Uncle: Sam Wylde (Head of Animal and rider training)

Uncle: Dr. Benjamin Wylde (Veterinarian and animal nutrition)

Uncle: Russell Wylde (Stable master, groomsman, and handler)

Uncle: Scott Wylde (Groundskeeper)


There is a lot of spill-over of responsibilities, a lot of daily meetings, and extensive communications by radio or phone to coordinate activities. There is a sophisticated code and security system that the family uses to identify problems, give alerts and all clears, etc.


Each of Jack's uncles, his father, and grandfather are equal partners in the business. The children are paid by their father's share of the proceedings. Only upon the death of that generation, would one of the children take their place and share of the business. The likelihood of Jack taking his father's place was doubtful, even in the event of an untimely death. Jack's older brother was the most likely replacement. Jack's future would be a comfortable one, but not a wealthy one. Jack spent a great deal of time under his father's and uncles' wings learning as much as possible. Under special tutelage from his father, he became a slick fast-talker; a special talent needed for P.R. work.


The family business attracted customers from many countries and part of the business duties was to learn and understand customs from different nations. So, the study of: cultures, diplomacy, and languages were an important part of doing business. That aspect of business was one of the most interesting parts of his work. But he always turned to riding and working with the horses as his favorite part of the business.


Jack was raised working in the family business and was trained in all aspects of the business, to learn and decide where he wants to be in the family's corporate ladder. He had a strong desire to learn what he could in as many areas as he could. He attended Eton studying: languages, acting, extensive liberal arts, and sciences. He graduated with multiple degrees with a desire to become a 'Jack of all trades.'


Over time, there were more family members - over a dozen cousins and a couple siblings, his role would lessen and his financial security would follow suit. He occasionally considered striking out on his own...


His favorite sports are: Polo, Show Jumping, Trap Shooting, and Target practice (rifles and guns). His favorite possession is a polo mallet that was given to him by his grandfather after his team won a major championship Polo Cup. 


A fellow student, roommate, and polo teammate was Akahar Ben Becula, a son of Sheikh Akbar Ben Sidi Ben Becula from Kurim. He visited Wylde Horses Estates during break and there was an assassination attempt that got past Akaharís personal bodyguards. Jack foiled the attempt and subdued the assassin. The weakness in the security system was reported by Jack via radio to Forest and they caught the assassinís partner.


Jack was rewarded by Akahar with the royalties from part of his fatherís oil fields. The income from the royalties gives Jack a comfortable, generous, and independent lifestyle.


Jackís keen sense of observation and his various skills served to save his friend repeatedly. Their friendship continued for many years, even after Jack turned down his offer for a job as a personal bodyguard.


Jack was contacted by an agent who was following the activities of Akahar - to prevent international incidents.  The agent discovered Jack's part in protecting the Sheikh's son and he asked Jack to put his talents to use for the government.


After a lengthy discussion, Jack agreed. He trained with the agent for a year and was assigned a team working in central intelligence...


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