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The Doctor's Journal Part 1:

DOCTOR WHO----Season 100345
As written by Andrew Seiple
episode 1: The Arena of Amber

As the TARDIS faded into existence, I knew something was off. I stepped outside to have a look, and hastily backpedaled. Apparently, I had put down on thin air! After discussing a bit with an individual below me, I determined that I was upon an invisible castle. Back into the TARDIS I went, and eventually found a suitable landing spot.

The fellow's name was Morganth, and he was not the owner of the castle. It seems that the owner, his mentor Blazer, had been abducted by a tentacle appearing from a "Trump" call. Hmm.... dimensional stress might account for the TARDIS landing here.... have to look into it later. Also noted that wherever I was, magic and "Trumps" seemed to work, while technology was unknown.

While we were discussing, an individual clad in beige showed up at the castle, wishing to hire Morganth to assassinate or capture an individual known as Creed. When I asked if Creed really deserved this, he offered to show us Creed's crimes. He also mentioned that Creed stood to inherit the throne of Chaos... I now knew fairly well where I had ended up. Sweeney, the fellow in beige, used a magical ring to interface with the TARDIS, and take us to a crime scene in Los Angeles. Apparently, Creed had leveled a nightclub and killed several policemen. A fellow named Scout had been on the scene when this happened, so next we popped over to visit him.

Scout was with a group of other people, perhaps I had best describe them. Scout was a tall rather muscular individual. His friend Steed was covered in bugs when I first met him, but later for some reason looked rather familiar..... There was also a very tall fellow named Suehprom with a colorful cloak. Also at the scene were 4 Chaosians. A grey-clad mage, a hive-mind of insects, (brought back bad memories,) a little girl with rather disturbing balloons, and a dog with human hands. I inquired about Creed, and learned that his location was at the infirmary of castle Amber. During the conversation, Sweeney retreated to the TARDIS. When I mentioned that Sweeney was here, the Chaosians lit out after him. At this point everyone ran into the TARDIS (tracking mud all the way... sigh.), and the old girl started to transport! The Chaosians ran into the auxiliary control room, and started fighting ferociously with Sweeney. The TARDIS, under Sweeney's direction, took us all to The infirmary. The Chaosians ended up frozen in place, as Sweeney fled the TARDIS and tried to kill Creed. After another battle, (and the breaking of my antique cherry-wood coatrack!) he was reduced to a smeared pulp on the floor by Steed. We unfroze the Chaosians, secured the TARDIS, and went down to the great hall for a late Tea. At this point we sat back, learned a few things, and relaxed. (Morganth was kind enough to fix my coatrack. I must remember to retrieve it before I leave.) Creed and Scout left for Chaos, and the rest of us left to do a little friendly sparring in the gym. At this point we encountered a phenomenon known as the hall of mirrors, and decided to walk it.

The hall was a harrowing experience. We encountered people from the pasts of various group members. I met Mandor. I had been meaning to talk to him, but after hearing of some of his exploits I think I will put that off for a while. I also ran into some old enemies.... The Dalek tried to shoot me! Fortunately, Steed was on hand to turn the mirror over, thus rendering the danger ineffective. The master handed me a computer chip, after wishing me much misery... And Susan, dear Susan was there...... ah, well. We can never escape the past, and perhaps that is for the best.

We exited the hall into a large arena, and for each of us there appeared a personal enemy! Of course, I got the enemy that was armed with the death-ray..... With swift thinking and a minimum of injuries, I managed to neutralize the Dalek, losing my hat in the process... Steed was kind enough to finish the beastly thing off, while I assisted with his enemy... When the Dalek died, I had the sudden feeling of vanishing...... 

DOCTOR WHO--Season 100345
episode 2: Beyond Trump's Call

As the arena faded from my view, more familiar scenery took its place. To my relief, my injuries from the arena were gone. However, I had lost quite a nice hat. Upon turning around, I found my TARDIS and went inside. I put the circuit board that the Master had given me through every possible scan, finally determining that it was a data storage unit. I plugged it in to a monitor and (With a minimum of adjustment to get it working properly,) commenced to read.

For the sake of safety, I shall not go into technical detail over what I read about. The data was a full set of blueprints for an advanced cybernetic system, perhaps the most technologically advanced one that I have seen to date. More disturbing was the label at its end: Project Creed. This probably meant trouble. Finally wondering how to alert the other fellows that I had met, I remembered the "Trump" that Steed had given me (Where DO I remember him from? I must remember to ask him....) It was a rather quaint device, and I thought I had mastered the use of it, but when I attempted to contact Steed I found myself being pulled through the Trump! As I was disappearing into the shimmer, for some reason I thought of a strange woman in black telling me to "enjoy." (Very strange... No, she wasn't Ace....) 

When the effect ended, I found myself outside a picturesque estate, with a rather confused Steed standing across from me. He informed me of the situation, how he had received a poisonous Dalek bite from our Arena encounter, and how he thought he was dreaming. After a short discussion that Suehprom fellow tried to contact Steed and contacted both of us... I invited him to join us for a party in poor Steed's head (perhaps it is just as well that he did not accept..) but he declined. As we were talking, a flash of insight struck me. I asked Steed if it were possible to combat the virus from the inside! Knowing the effects that visualization could have on a dream reality, I asked him not to think of viruses ( Bit of a mistake, that. He couldn't help but think of viruses! Doctor, you fool.) As the giant virus bore down upon us, Steed thought of carnivorous horses to eat the virus up.... they did, but immediately sickened.

At this point I wished that Ace were here. No sooner had I completed this thought, then she appeared! With the use of Nitro-9, we managed to damage the virus. Since Steed appeared shaken by the explosion though, We thought that other tactics might be in order. Steed was obliging enough to visualize images of myself to kill the virus, and I helped by bringing in every militant acquaintance that I could recall. The virus at this point had turned into a bunch of Daleks, that were swiftly being overwhelmed by the friendly forces. At this point, Suehprom was kind enough to pull me through a Trump, thus bringing me into his current dimension.

His dimension turned out to be a plane of sand. Convinced of the urgency of reaching Steed, I recalled how the Trumps worked. I began sketching in the sand, making a picture of the location my TARDIS was at. Returning there, we hopped over to Steed. While we were in transit, K-9 was kind enough to point out that there was an intruder in the TARDIS! I hurried back to check on this, and found that strange black-clothed girl poking around in back.... She didn't make any hostile moves, so I collected a new hat from a closet. Remembering Steed's condition I hurried back up front, telling the girl to go or stay as she pleased. I ran out the door (Past an irate Ge'rard. Mental note: Do not land TARDIS in infirmary again.) Ge'rard informed me that the poison was being destroyed, but I took a blood sample for analysis. (Later examination showed the blood to be very bizarre.... this bears further investigation.) I walked out and pulled Suehprom and Steed into a small conversation, informing them of "Project Creed." Steed informed us of King Random's suggestion about Scout. Seeing that Morganth was missing, we determined to find him. I popped down to the TARDIS and insta-Trumped him. (The Insta-Trump method-as detailed by the Doctor: 1. Pop down to the TARDIS and jump to a very fast time dimension. 2. Over the next few days paint a Trump, take tours of the area, get a tan, shave, read a good book.... 3. return to original dimension seemingly seconds after you left with a new Trump.)

Unfortunately, we could not contact Morganth at that time... I insta-Trumped Scout and we contacted him instead. He was in extreme pain, and seemed to think that we were a hallucination. We hauled him through. As we did, the Trump was cut in half by a strange sword that he was carrying! I attempted to super glue it together, but it reformed by itself. Anyway, scout was a mess. We found him a free table, and he told us of his journeys. With his permission, I took the vorpal blade and secured it in a slow-time drum for the moment. (Dangerous thing, the handle was normal or else the drum couldn't have held it.)

At this point, my memory becomes confused. Somewhere between introductions, discussions and so forth, things blurred together. I recall learning that the leather-clad lady was named "Cat," and somewhere along the line another strange woman wandered in. (I can't recall her name, Wersa? Silma? After a few millennia you forget small details. Sue me.) Oh yes, with Cat's help we managed to contact Morganth. He had located Blazer, and both of them accepted my invitation to be pulled through. Blazer was about in worse shape then Scout. We set him up with a table, and compared notes. At this point I think that we received a message that Sweeney was downstairs, wishing to talk to us!

After some heated discussion, we hurried downstairs, pausing to pick up a few Trump decks for members of our party. Once we got a chance to talk with Sweeney, some rather surprising facts were revealed. He denied being the Sweeney that had commandeered the TARDIS, and wished to view "his" mortal remains. He did so, and I.D.'d them as not being him. I took samples from his blood and the dust and ran them through the TARDIS scanners, typing the blood, mixing it, so forth. I believe at this point that Suehprom, who had accompanied me, requested a favor. He was concerned with Overly powerful Psyche attacks, and wanted some mind-scrambling drugs. Normally, I oppose drug-usage. Since this was not meant for personal consumption, however, I saw no reason not to comply with his request. (Mental Note: Mind altering hallucinogens + powerful telepaths capable of altering reality = really bad trip for all concerned.)

We went back upstairs. Scout was awake so I took him back to the TARDIS and showed him the project Creed blueprints. I also printed out 3 copies for us, just in case. (That woman tagged along, what WAS her name!?) Arriving back in the infirmary we were alarmed to hear that the wife of an elder Amberite had just been decapitated! I popped down to the TARDIS to get Scout the Vorpal Blade, and so we missed the first part of an anarchic situation. Steed Trumped me and several others through later, and we were in time to see Cat and the strange woman trying something suspicious. Corwin threatened the pair, stabbing miss whoever. I sutured her wounds, and turned back in time to join a Trump gate to Creed! I shouted to Suehprom to get the blueprints from miss x, and materialized in a different place. Creed was there, fending off Steed, Luke, and Corwin, with the head of Luke's wife under his arm!

I shouted out a command from the blueprints, and nothing happened. Strange.... When I tried for a scan with the sonic screwdriver, the blighter up and chopped it in half! (Have to remember to repair it when I get a chance.) Then Cat teleported in, and snatched the head, delivering it to Luke. He disappeared, and we were left with an angry Creed.

I noticed Cat trying something with Corwin's Trump, so I politely inquired what she was doing. When she didn't reply, I figured that it was probably nothing good, and used a hypo to give her a dose of mind-warper mark. 1.0. (Big, big, big mistake.....) The nice lady then turned into a huge cat and knocked me down! She jumped off and resumed fiddling with the Trump, so I entangled her with the scarf. Then she contacted Corwin. The next thing I knew, I was surfing through eleven levels of hell on the end of my scarf! Evidently, Corwin was altering our reality to suit his hallucinations from Cat...anyway.

We ended up in a small cell. After I persuaded Corwin not to kill Cat, I began to sketch on the wall, trying to get back home. I was interrupted by a guard. When I tried to stall for time, Corwin informed me that Trump based objects would probably not work here. We were led outside, apparently to be burned at the stake. (Not again! I hate medieval worlds. No decent plumbing, odd superstitions, fire-crazy peasantry, etc.) I obtained a sword through Corwin, and he started trying to hack a way out. (A small note here: Yes, normally I deplore violence. But I had just had my screwdriver broken, been pounced on by a large Cat, and been dragged by the neck through the nightmare zone of Shadow. I think I can be forgiven my small callousness. Thank you.) I distracted the guards with my small score of fireworks and smoke bombs, and tried to get the others to make an escape.

DOCTOR WHO--season 100345
episode 3: The Great Creed Chase

Corwin showed no signs of slowing down, and the hill of bodies in front of us grew.... I persuaded Cat to drop the mind link until we could get to a more secure place. Shortly afterwards, Corwin eliminated the last few immediate opponents. I picked up three bodies-if we could disguise ourselves, perhaps we could sneak out of this place. The three of us proceeded up and over the mound of corpses, to see a new detachment of guards, and some fellow named Lancelot who seemed to know Corwin. In a gesture of selflessness, (well it looked that way at the time,) Corwin surrendered to gain our freedom. After getting in close range to Lancelot, he then proceeded to kill him. (Mental note: If Corwin ever becomes an enemy, DO NOT TRUST HIM!)

Corwin then laid into the rest of the guard, with Cat helping out. I had remembered my croquet mallet, so I conked a few on my way over to Lancelot's body. Once there, I grabbed the body and dived into the pile of kindling. I swiftly put on Lancelot's clothes and made my face up to look like Lancelot. The plan was to leap out and call the guards off. The leaping out part worked. I was in time to see the last of the guards fall unconscious, and a battle-frenzied Corwin turn to what he thought was Lancelot...(Embarrassing! Ah well, I doubt that this will be the last time I humiliate myself...)

I sorted things out with Corwin, and he was kind enough to hellride us all back to Amber. I chatted with Cat along the way, but learned nothing of consequence. Upon arrival, we learned that three people were unaccounted for.... To whit: Steed, Creed, and Suehprom. Suehprom proved to be in his quarters, unconscious and a great deal shorter.... He would not say what had happened, but merely said that if we saw a miniature cat around, we were to kill it. (Rather bloodthirsty of him. What HAD he been through?) Steed had apparently been called away by forces unknown, so we then turned our attention upon Creed.

Scout volunteered the use of his talents to track the fellow, so we all went to the stables for horses. Presumably, we were to hellride there. (Just a thought, perhaps I could make a vehicle frame and wire K-9 into it? Something to look into later.) Scout returned to our company, saying that he was unable to track Creed from this location. Oh, by the way, it appeared that Kesa had left with Creed. Presumably they were together. With no other way of finding them, we decided to acquire Trumps of the subjects in question. I invited everyone into the TARDIS, and we departed to a fast-time Shadow that I often use.

During the few days we spent there, I constructed a Trump of Creed. The others did pretty much whatever they pleased. (At least they didn't unleash the Crynoid..... or open the eye....or go THROUGH the moebius strip..... you know, maybe I should tidy up the place a bit.) When presented with Creed's Trump, the old girl took us to a rather extreme Shadow.

It appeared to be a war zone. Knowing Creed, I couldn't really say that I was surprised. We were on top of some sort of rolling vehicle, a rather large one at that. I gathered up a few shaped charges, just to be on the safe side. (Ace had left several different varieties in the armory) When we walked out to have a look around, a few of the natives emerged from a hatch to greet us. Cyborgs. Looking rather like the plans that I had on file. I called halloo, and the cheeky buggers shot at me! Well, scratch the friendly intentions idea. I chucked a shaped charge at them, and they had the audacity to walk straight through it.....

I dived into the TARDIS, and returned with a hover-stabilized chunk of high-tech machinery. Which didn't fire in this reality. Oh well.... Since the machine-men were getting closer, we decided to relocate the TARDIS. I promptly microjumped us in front of the huge battlewagon. (Bit of a mistake, that....) We jumped back on top of the vehicle, and exited in some haste. I had an idea, and brought the electromagnetic hover-winch out. The original plan was to turn the magnet on, and pull all the cyborgs off the vehicle. At that point I noticed the large gun turret turning around to our position. With no small degree of panic, I pointed the magnet at the turret and turned it on. The magnet hit the turret and the whole mess exploded. (Yet another item I have to remember to replace!) At that point, I believe I handed out gauss guns to everyone who wanted one. They seemed to work well in this Shadow, and with a few minor mishaps, (Can I be blamed for mistaking a display for a bomb? Of course not!) we made our way into the huge machine. It wasn't long before we had located Creed's sanctum sanctorum, and various objects within it. There was a bin of cybernetic parts, which I grabbed a few objects from. We found Creed and the others, just as they Trumped out....

Returning to the TARDIS, I set a couple of shaped charges near the power core. (My, I WAS feeling violent that day....) Off we went to the fast-time dimension, for a rest and preparations. I made Trumps for everyone in the group, to facilitate communications. I also took the time to build some of the foraged magi-technology into K9. (He was asking for an upgrade just the other day....) After that stopover, we tried to follow Creed again. For some reason, the TARDIS couldn't seem to track him... Our attempts resulted in various encounters, none of which particularly helpful. (Did meet that Dalt fellow, from the hall of mirrors. Wasn't impressed.) After several tries, we hopped back to the fast-time sanctuary to think things over. Along the way, we managed to contact Sweeney. He had Coral's body in his possession, and we convinced him to turn it over to Luke. He also had Jewel's child in a safe location, which cured several of my concerns about that whole unfortunate matter. When we handed Jewel's body over to Luke, I also gave him a copy of the Project Creed schematics. Perhaps that was a bad idea, but if Luke could build some of that technology into Coral, she might surprise Creed if he attacked again....

During the various trips, it was revealed that there was another Cat running around! It was apparently a combination of Cat's mind and Suehprom's substance. (He's probably a shapechanger.) Upon suggestion I tried making a Trump of the combined images of Cat and Suehprom. That also did not work. About this time, Corwin came up with a suggestion. He suspected someone of blocking the TARDIS from its proper destination. In accordance with that idea, we made the next jump when everyone was asleep. Cat was out in the jungle, so I left one of my Trumps on the beach. We jumped to what appeared to be Creed's latest hideout. Soon after, Cat contacted me and I pulled her through.

The latest Shadow showed a huge mobile castle, unmoving, thankfully. It had a large number of guns sticking out, pointing at the TARDIS..... I cautiously ventured out, preceded by Cat. (I don't think she had much in the way of caution.) Several others followed, after Morganth cast an invisibility spell on us. (And a see invisible spell on us after that. Wizards....humph. Technology is usually more dependable.) After we got a suitable distance towards the castle, the guns opened up, putting a wall of beams and bullets between us and the TARDIS! This was not a good sign. My suspicions were confirmed when the voice of Creed was broadcast to our little group. He inquired why we were chasing him, (in rather less civil words.) and seemed to know nothing about the Jewel of Judgment's whereabouts.... He also demanded that we surrender. Corwin and Scout pretended to accede to that request, then started shooting gun emplacements down with their gauss pistols! (I wondered where those pistols had got to!) The rest of our group made a run for the TARDIS. Corwin, on the other hand, ran straight toward the fortress. I tried a few weapons, but Creed blew them up as soon as I pushed them out of the TARDIS door. Finally, we decided to microjump the TARDIS over Corwin, to give him some much needed protection. Unfortunately, the TARDIS wouldn't work. A Trump-suppression field that the mages had put up was interfering with the old girl's operation. (The Eye of Destiny is a Trump. Dear Rasalom, what can this mean? And where is it a Trump to? It pulls immense power, and is present in all realities at once......) Once the field was down, we jumped with no problem.

We materialized around him, very close to the fortress. I believe that at this point Morganth revealed that he had been keeping a magical trace on Cat, and that he had learned that she was in cahoots with Creed! Morganth prepared a teleportation spell, and we teleported a high-explosive/gas bomb over to them. Cat used an oddly-familiar black sword to neutralize the explosive bit, but the gas filled the chamber they were in. At that point, the fortress began to move. I threw a grappling hook at the fortress wall, securing the TARDIS along. Morganth used another spell to fade bits of reality out of existence. Since the main fortress gate no longer existed to me, I ran out (Stopping only to grab a few useful devices,) and into the fortress proper. While I was running down the corridor, I activated a holographic projection device, and it was a good thing that I did! Stepping around a corridor, a black-bladed knife whizzed through my hologram, and stuck in the wall not two inches from my nose!

I had found Creed, Kesa, Cat, and Kitten. All four were being riddled by bullets coming through the wall. (More magic....groan.) I hurled my scarf at Creed, just as the group Trumped out. When they faded back into existence, Creed slashed my scarf in two, and they started to fade out again. I had the presence of mind to flick a small tracer onto Creed, before he vanished. (I honestly don't know if it would work through Shadow, I had cobbled it together only days ago....) I Trumped back to the main group, then walked into the fortress again. The spell was wearing off, and I barely managed to dodge several traps that were now in existence. I retrieved the black-bladed knife, and Trumped back to the TARDIS. This had been an exhausting trip, physically and otherwise. Now that I knew Creed didn't have the Jewel of Judgment, my main reason for pursuing him was gone.


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