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The Doctor's Journal Part 3:

As written by Andrew Seiple

episode 1: A Darkness Rising

Ah, pain... I have known pain, the sweet sorrow of agony racing along bones, through nerves... And during this interval, I seemed to be the recipient of this blessed sensation, for a change...

I awoke on a table, to find Steed, Suehprom, and Kesa staring at me... All my little pawns, all in a row... The memories swam back...

"Doctor, are you okay? " Doctor... Ah... Good. They didn't suspect.

"Much... Better..."

I arose, and let them lead me back to the TARDIS... I entered first, and noticed the little metal dog rolling out of the back...

"Not You..." Were his final words as I leaned over and switched him off, taking him into the back room... I changed swiftly, into a grey suit and black tie... No sense in using my normal uniform... These dunces see in black and white, they might put two and two together...

Then, they got in an uproar over some approaching natives, and asked me to take them elsewhere... Having no objections, I let the TARDIS drift into temporal orbit... I returned to the back, and started preparations... I went to the chameleon circuit, and removed the buffer that I had installed to prevent it from working. 

Hmm... Too many strong telepaths around. I rigged a circuit and slipped it in my pocket. Anyone trying to break into my mind would instead be tapping into the raw power of the Eye of Harmony... Even an Amberite would sustain damage from such an event... Then, just for the hell of it, I grew a pair of special glands in my throat... A little paralytic poison never hurt me... I then retrieved my TCM, and noticed a light flashing... 

The telepathy alarm... The lot in the Control Room were mind speaking... Only one reason why they would do that, they were plotting against me...

I returned to the room, without letting on that I knew of their feeble plots... I took the TARDIS to Dr. Plutonium's world, and asked for plans for the assault we were to undertake... They suggested the Frontal Approach. (Ha.HEeeeeeeeehehehehehehhhaaaaaaaaaa). I agreed, so long as the more combatant members remained in front...

And then as we started to leave, Suehprom attempted to touch me. I stepped back. He tried again, and I slipped by him... Morganth was attempting eye contact... I didn't want to reveal my trick yet...

They chased me into the corridor, as I spewed a cloud of poison to distract them... I escaped into the depths of the TARDIS, to ponder my next move...

episode 2: Unexpected Allies

I needed time to rest, time to plan. I had not expected opposition this early. Nothing I couldn't overcome with my current resources, but one needs time to truly assess a fitting vengeance.

I ducked into a safe room, and set up several scans and a monitor on the control room. I wanted to watch my pawns play. The scans revealed nothing I couldn't handle. The group in the control room seemed to be discussing something I could guess their topic. They could wait. Now, nourishment was required. After all, death takes a lot out of one....

I was halfway through the roast capon when they decided to call me. I smiled at Steed, and reassured him that everything was fine. No, I had no idea why Suehprom thought I was the Master. (How HAD) he found out? I must locate his home sometime, perhaps some answers will be found there.) I invited Steed down to join me for supper. Then, I left the room and set up a tactile hologram. No sense in exposing myself to unnecessary danger. Via the hologram, I arranged a truce. We would drop Suehprom off at a neutral location.

After Steed left, I slipped into the armory. I grabbed an adamantium blade and a garrote. I also filled a few darts with my shifted blood, they would turn to small parasites and devour anyone hit from the inside out. It was about that time that I noticed a few warning lights on the TARDIS monitor. Some powerful mind was slowly overloading the Eye of Harmony, via constant battering at the shield I had enabled I could guess who it was easily.

I dropped the shield, slowly. * Enough already. * Yes, it was Kat, she wanted into the TARDIS, and I didn't mind obliging her. (I put the thought of letting her get closer so I could skewer her if she tried Anything out of my mind.)

I filled her in on the situation, and she seemed most interested in the fact that Suehprom was causing a ruckus. She asked what form might be best to talk to the poor fellow in.

There are some days when it all falls together, and opportunities arrive that cannot be missed.

A slight smile, an innocent look. "I would recommend the form of a purple saurian..." (If this worked, I might let Kat live through it...)

The results were pleasing to my old, old eyes... Kat nearly died, only to be saved by Mrs. Peel. (She has impressive martial skills. I must test her psychic defenses sometime...) Suehprom vanished, presumably caused by Kat. I managed to put a dart in him before he went, I doubt he'll die from it, but it ought to slow him down. I left with Kat in tow, telling the others that I would tend to my poor creature's injuries. (And I did. Since she helped get that fool off my TARDIS, I only took a tissue sample from her while I healed her wounds.)

After rejoining the others, we laid plans to entrap Dr. Plutonium, for study at a leisurely rate. I agreed to let them use a room in the TARDIS. (If anything went wrong, I could just jettison the room.) Why was I helping in this foolish venture?

There was an opportunity for power here. The Creed had gone multidimensional, and found an intriguing way of recruiting others... They would make an excellent study. Their technology was worth stealing.

Almost as an afterthought, I wiped the memory banks on K-9 and installed a few hidden circuits. Then I gave him as a gift to Kesa. (Rule #122: always have agents among them.)

All was in place. I retired to the lower levels of the TARDIS, for time to contemplate.

episode 3: Shadows of the Past

"For these and other crimes..." The council president droned on, over my restrained form. I lifted my head to get a better look, and immediately regretted it as the gravitonic bands forced me back down. Something wasn't quite right.

Above me, the old fool finished his speech. I could see him look down at me, carefully avoiding eye contact. "Do you have anything to say before you are sealed into a TARDIS and sent into limbo to contemplate your crimes for all eternity?"

No, this wasn't right. "Nothing. I did what was necessary. Your punishment is unjust, and your fear is evident. Old fool, what if they are all dead now? Are there not other worlds, other races...


I am raised up to a standing position by the guards next to me. And I realized what was wrong the second I laid eyes upon the president.

"I've changed my mind. Guards, the pistol."

Yes, the red hair was the giveaway. And the gun was decidedly familiar as well. My former self had given this one the data unit....

And he aimed carefully, pointing right at the leftmost heart....

I snapped awake, out of my...dream? hallucination? Disturbing that I should lose control for even that brief a time. Yes, my subconscious was telling me something.... and the message would not be overlooked. I sat down at the console, and observed my faithful pawns at work. And then, a flicker of activity caught my eye. I moved to correct the instruments, but it would not be corrected.

"Something is wrong. Leave." I informed the others. They would merely be in the way. With clenched teeth, I started the room reprogramming procedures.

episode 3: Confusion at Court

Someone was attempting to delete the TARDIS. The others had left, so I performed a more thorough sensor sweep of the source. Gallifreyan technology was being used against me! Only the fact that my alterations after I left were light-years ahead of my ex-home world's tech level was saving me from instant dimensional compression.

With no other option, I shunted the TARDIS as far from the scanning beam as I could. To Amber. I appeared to have materialized as a false door, in a rather seedy bar. No sooner did I appear than someone attempted to open the door. The scanners showed Blazer, looking rather drunk and wearing a sailor's outfit for some reason. After some tomfoolery with an out of order sign, he left and the bar closed.

Rushing to the bio laboratory, I made a lobotomized clone of myself. I would control the clone mentally (I love doing that trick...), while my body produced glands under my skin that would let me blend into the surroundings. I also programmed the clone to melt down if it was seriously damaged.

An hour later, tastefully attired in green and black, I departed through a back alley. (Pausing to horribly kill a generic thug along the way.) I had detected an area of dimensional stress nearby, and I took the roundabout route to reach it.

I passed Blazer again, but decided to leave him alone. (I did, however, create a blood flea to spy on him and report back after a while.) He was a little too powerful and unpredictable to be a good tool. I decided that a horse would come in handy, so I stopped by the stables of my old friend, Steed. The stable master was only too eager to give me a horse. In return, I gave him the memory of selling it to Blazer, and tucked a hefty bribe into his pocket as incrimination. As I walked off with my newfound toy, I let a bit of my blood dribble into the horse. Nothing like a little biological reformatting on the fly.

Shortly afterward, Cat gave me a Trump call. I pulled her through, and we discussed the death of Suehprom. (I really didn't care, but it would give an opportunity to dispose of Cat...) I dropped a blood flea on her as well. We reached the caves, and I invited her to Trump Suehprom. While she did so, I explained, I would stab him as soon as he came through. While she was roaming all of Chaos, I ducked behind her and drew my sword. (No, the TCM was too recognizable, much as I wanted to. This way I could frame someone for it.)

As I stepped closer, the sound of hoofbeats filled the cave. Someone was arriving. Cursing my ill luck, I hurried out to see who it was. Ge'rard. Before he could see me, I slashed myself across the chest with my sword, and staggered out to fall onto the ground. He dismounted and turned me over, and I choked out (while stifling a chuckle). "Mentally controlled...me...made me...stab...I'll get help..." I staggered to my horse, and climbed on slowly. I rode off, slumped over.

That's where I should have left it. For the 13 lives of me, I don't know why I turned back. I directed my clone into the room where Cat and Ge'rard were talking, and shifted my form to that of my former incarnation. I gloated a bit, and made to attack her with a drawn sword. (Through the clone of course). Then I jumped my own clone, and attacked it viciously. I tried to remember the old Doctor's personality as well as I could, and stammered an incoherent explanation about clones, duplicates, and god knows what else. Then I left.

I returned to the TARDIS wondering what insanity had overtaken me. After putting my new Hell-steed in the eugenics lab stasis, I set up the memory-wipe machine. For about a week, I would remember only that I came to Amber, and dodged the sensor scans. I didn't want Cat pulling the truth out of my mind.

As I woke up, I recalled that I needed to find the others as soon as possible. I set out to Castle Amber, while taking my artistry supplies along. After encountering no one I knew on the way there, I blurred past the guards and set up my easel in the Pattern room. After several unsuccessful attempts to draw the Pattern, I started on Trumps of the others.

episode 4: Gathering the Many

And so, there I sat in the room of the fabled Pattern, and drew the Trumps. Kat first, followed by Steed and the others. While drawing, I couldn't help but contemplate the Pattern not two feet from me. The source of unimaginable power. Quite a temptation. The problem however, was that only those of the Blood of Amber could obtain that power. Of course, the blood of Amber can be spilled like any other blood. 

I packed up my Trumps, and departed. (After first disposing of my trash by tossing it on the Pattern. It makes a handy garbage disposal.) Made my way to the TARDIS, and started Trumping people. At first, most people tried to block me out. Most annoying, so I decided to annoy them in return. I drew on my memory of music to torture by, and used the rhythm of the worst songs to initiate my Trump contacts. They listened then. Oh did they ever listen. (Insert maniacal laughter here.)

I managed to get Kesa and Morganth to agree to follow me to Gallifrey, to stop my pitiful assassin. (Pitiful perhaps, but best to send cannon fodder ahead.) Gabriel dropped in on us unexpectedly, in rather bad shape and muttering "Creed...gurgle...". I put him in the medical lab, hooked up an IV (drained a bit of his blood,) and left him there.

All was in readiness. I raided the armory and took some of my best technology.

episode 5: The Daleks Revisited

And with a whisk of the Trumps, we departed for Gallifrey. For some reason, however, Morganth and I were the only ones who materialized. I had little time to worry about it. Kesa could live or die as she pleased.

The Trump was in a storage closet in the museum of antiquities, in the early zinc age wing. After a careful scan, my sensors revealed a Dalek of all things, patrolling outside the door. I popped out and fried it, with a microwave laser burst. Then I set fire to an exhibit, in the hopes of confounding any further attempts to track me by infravision. I shouted back to Morganth to conceal himself climbed to a ceiling support, and took my own advice.

A band of Daleks piled in, and started firing wildly, presumably at the invisible Morganth. I couldn't have hoped for a better distraction I leaped out, and made my way along the corridors. I managed to disable a lone Dalek with an ECM pulsar, and set up the nearby corridor wiring to make it look like an EMP had hit. (When the Dalek crawled out of the casing, I shrunk it. Sometimes the old ways are the most fun...)

I was crouched inside the Dalek shell, when the power went out. Everywhere. As this fact registered on me, I ran to the control room as fast as my legs could move.

You see, Gallifrey was never meant to be turned off

I examined the device that was tracking my TARDIS, and disabled it. There had been a force field around it, but the power loss had shorted it out. Hmm. Yes. If I could get the video logs for this room, I could find out who had set this up... But for that, I needed an active matrix.

Another thing to consider. If the Daleks had invaded Gallifrey, Davros was here somewhere. And, much as the old chap amuses me, better to kill him now, before I have to run into the matrix. I set my scanners to locate still mobile Dalek casings, and found one down at the main generator. Of course, I wasn't about to face Davros without at least one piece of cannon fodder along...

I pulled out the Trump, and called Morganth.

episode 6: Out of Sight, In the Mind

Morganth obliged me by creating a distraction, and luring Davros out into a corridor. I approached from behind, after sending out several blood spiders as scouts. Once within sight of the two, I threw a stasis grenade between them. It did my hearts good to see that twisted little mockery of sentience frozen in mid-rant. I decided to give him an even chance of survival, by emptying a clip of .45 bullets into the stasis field. Then, remembering Morganth was in there and invisible somewhere, I decided to give him a little...gift. (I closed my eyes and shot into the field at random. If he lived, good. He might still be useful.) I went back around the corridor and waited for the stasis to wear out, then came back and asked Morganth what he had done to reduce poor Davros to a bleeding wreck.

I hauled Davros up to a medical lab, fixed the worst of his injuries, and made several alterations to his shell. Then I popped him in a stasis capsule. He would be out of my hair until I figured out a use for him.

I was going to let Morganth leave Gallifrey peacefully. He'd been a useful and stupid pawn, just the way I like them. That was, he was off my vengeance list until he flew up behind me, and gave me a wedgie. I exploded a bag of talcum powder in the room, outlining him clearly. Then I politely asked him to place some runes of warding around Davros' capsule. While he was doing his rather primitive magical effect, I snuck up behind him, pulled out the plain simple steel blackjack, and hit him repeatedly in the back of head with it.

Grabbing his unconscious body, I pulled him to a bio-bed and scanned him down to the sub-atomic level. The scans revealed that he was basically human, and starting to regain consciousness. With repeated blows to the back of the head to keep him sedated, I installed a few items in his cortex. The first was a neuro-scrambler, that I could trigger by using a small radio device or any large computer to turn his thought processes into mush. (No more attempts to overwhelm MY mind....) The second was a cortex bomb. Triggered in the same way, it would also go off if anyone attempted to remove it. I coated these minuscule devices with his own tissue, so they would not be noticed...

I then painted a large Trump on the side of the wall in the high council chamber, shoved his encapsulated form through it, and covered the Trump over with red paint.

Serves him right for giving me that wedgie.

Then I reactivated the power, turned on the planetary shield, and went into the matrix to repair it firsthand.

I managed to pull up the video files for the control room, and got a back head shot of the person responsible for this mess. Hmm... It looked like either Corwin or Eric. Which probably means that someone with shapeshifting ability or good video-editing skills is trying to frame them. Nonetheless, I would have to examine every aspect of this. In the meantime, I Trumped my TARDIS.

And failed.

This probably meant that the TARDIS was no longer in existence 

In a panic, I constructed a Trump of the tree world, and went there posthaste. I remembered the second TARDIS falling off the branch.... Constructing a burrowing form, I went after it. After several days of cleaning the interior, the mud-damaged controls were usable, more or less. I sat back and pondered my options. My first task would probably be to find out what had happened to my TARDIS.

I started painting another Trump of Amber.

episode 7: Abyss Seeing Ya!

As I prepared for my trip to Amber, my peerless mind recalled something that I had overlooked on Gallifrey. Prior to entering the matrix, I had cloned a lobotomized version of myself, and placed it in a stasis tube. This was in case my body was slain while in the matrix. Now that I was out of the matrix, there was no reason to keep the body around. I Trumped to Gallifrey, to find the stasis tube open, and the body gone. The lock had been picked from the inside, with a few snips of wire....

Doctor, I presume. 

I Trumped to Amber, to scan what I could of the missing TARDIS. From what I could make out, it looked like the Eye of Harmony had opened fully on the TARDIS, possibly engulfing it whole. (The excess energy probably washed over to vaporize the bar it was in.) While examining the site, a guard told me to move along, and that I didn't fool him, even if I wasn't wearing a scarf anymore. I ransacked his mind, to find that the clone version of myself had been here prior to my arrival, wearing an overcoat, a hat, and a long striped scarf. Doctor, I assume....

I Trumped Scout, and told him a few lies about Eric finding explosives that work in Amber. It is the best sort of lie, that which may actually be true... My intent was for this to get back to the elder Amberites, but I don't think Scout has the wit or ambition to pass along this information... (Sigh... So hard to find good pawns these days...)

I returned to the TARDIS to plot strategy, only to be interrupted an hour later by an internal alarm. I checked the monitors to see myself in ridiculous clothes, with a large figure following the clone. Creed. Back from the dead, and carrying another cursed black sword. I ran to the auxiliary control room, and sent the TARDIS into a wild jump. That would keep the Doctor busy for a minute or two. I swiftly moved to a bio-lab, and put on a full body hazard suit. After protecting myself I set up a beaker of toxic flambeau, and set it to circulate through the vents. This might stop Creed, if he breathed it long enough.

The TARDIS shuddered to a halt, and the scanners showed a packed arena. (Didn't Scout mention something about a coronation?) I Trumped to Amber, removed my hazard suit, and sketched a picture of what I saw from the scanners. (I had a feeling the Chaosians would not take well to a blue box landing in the middle of their little ceremony.) I observed from the back of the room, as Merlin appeared to capture Eric (Such an obvious ruse... What is Eric's agenda? He of course replaced Merlin with a duplicate, or assumed his form...) And then Merlin or whoever ordered the TARDIS consigned to the Abyss...

Doctor, it consumes. (Hahahahahahahhahahaaaaaa)

With the knowledge in the disk I had or the codes imprinted onto my genetic structure, I could make more TARDIS, given time and a high-tech world. Just to rub salt in the wound, I called a Trump gate of the TARDIS interior, and flicked a lighted match into it. Into the atmosphere of flammable, toxic flambeau.

And now Doctor, with you out of the way, I resume.

episode 8: Between the Cards

Ah, my day had come. The Doctor and his insufferable blue box had fallen, deep into the Abyss. Nothing could save him. Not his incompetent luck, not his well-meaning obliviousness... I savored the moment in the crowd of bystanders, then resumed watching the coronation. I shifted my features to that idiotic Brigadier, the Doctor's friend. One face is as good as the next. I observed Eric being led away in chains, and followed stealthily. I had suspicions. With a flick of my wrist, I sent a blood insect to retrieve a sample of Eric's tissue. That being done, I returned to the party. Boring. So many powerful and influential creatures, standing around talking about nothing. They could be out carving their own destinies, forging their own dynasties, or killing each other off happily, but instead they chose to spend their time drinking bad punch and talking about the latest fashion styles.

And people wonder why I want to control the universe.

I departed after I noticed Steed looking at me closely... He knew the Brigadier, no sense risking being found out. I Trumped to Gallifrey, and analyzed the blood my insect had drawn from Eric. Valid, as far as I could tell. I whipped up a batch of liquid that dissolved part of that sample like acid on butter. Then I bottled it, and tucked the vial in my pocket. Just in case, I also altered my system to provide immunity to the liquid.

After a brief trip to Gallifrey, I found myself in need of a vacation. I painted a Trump of a spot near the Abyss, and went to it. There are few things more intriguing than staring into the end of everything. Ultimate entropy, ultimate nothing. Hmm... That was odd, over in that direction, there was a bit of a light show...

The TARDIS. The reality buffers were overloading. I thought it would slip quietly into nothing, but from the way the lights were flashing...

No, I did not want the universe to end just yet. It would be...inconvenient.

I drew a Trump sketch in the ground at my feet, and called Steed. He was having his hair done. The universe was about to end, and he was having his hair done.


With him channeling the Pattern's power through me, into the sketch, I managed to draw the TARDIS to me... But in mid-transit, it disappeared. Between the Trumps. This was all too depressing. At least the universe was still here.

Walking away from the Abyss, I picked up a rock and killed a native bat-thing for dinner. Saving the universe is tiring work. (Mindful of how the Doctor died once, I adjusted my system for immunity to any toxins that seemed to be affecting me.)

I called Scout again, and asked him if he had found any high-tech dimensions for me yet. He said he had, and he would be ready to depart for one in a day or two... He was kind enough to pull me through, and I took a room at a local hotel. (Taking the time to rest, and sample room service. That bat just wasn't filling.)

Scout called me again, hours later. A strange creature had tried to kill him, and he wanted my help in interrogating it. I came over, to find him trying to talk to a Yautja. They are interesting creatures, with a culture based on violence, survival of the fittest, and hunting sentients for the thrill of it. I like them.

A few questions and a small mind-probe revealed a picture of the one who sicked the Yautja on Scout, and I passed the information along. Then I did as the creature's honor demanded, and helped it die by the blade.

After I left Scout's, I sent the body of the Yautja back to it's people, via a hyperspace probe. They have odd funerary customs. (I don't get this sentimental about most races, but these creatures are useful pawns. And I definitely like their outlook.

And now I sit in a hotel room, on the miserable planet Barth. The disk containing the information on TARDIS construction is in my pocket, and the information is duplicated in my genetic code. I wait for Scout to lead me to that high-technology dimension...



episode 9: Leaving Amber Behind

To be continued...

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