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Jack Wylde



Player: Wild Wild Westray

Character Name: Jack Wylde

Webpage: www.westray.org

Base Class: Dedicated 1

Starting Occupation: Idle Rich (Profession: Gambler)


Str: 10

Dex: 18

Con: 10

Int: 15

Wis: 18

Cha: 12


Fort: +1 (+1 class, +0 Con)

Ref: +4 (+0 class, +4 Dex)

Will: +5 (+1 class, +4 Wis)


Grit: 6

Action Points: 5


Defense: 15 (+4 Dex)

Flatfooted: 11

Initiative: +4 (+4 Dex)


Rep:  +2 (+2 Int)

Speed: 30í


BAB: +0

Melee: +0

Ranged: +4



Skill Emphasis (Gambling) (Dedicated)



Simple Weapons Proficiency (Dedicated)

Personal Weapons Proficiency (Dedicated)

Confident (Dedicated)


Class Features:



Skills (28 Dedicated)

Gamble 14 (4 ranks, +4 Wis, +2 Confidence, +1 Occupation +3 Skill emp)

Listen 6 (2 ranks, +4 Wis)

Profession (Gambler) 8 (+4 ranks, +4 Wis)

Read/Write Languages (English) 2 (2 ranks)

Ride 6 (2 ranks, +4 Dex)

Sense Motive 8 (4 ranks, +4 Wis)

Speak Languages (English) 2 (2 ranks)

Spot 8 (4 ranks, +4 Wis)

Survival 5 (1 rank, +4 Wis)

Treat Injury 5 (1 rank, +4 Wis)



Starting funds: $420.00

Spent Funds: $281.80                

Available Funds: $138.20


.41 caliber ammunition (20) (2) $1 each

Boots (Cowboy) $5

Candles (Wax 1/doz) $0.10

Cash Box With Lock $1

Cigar (High Quality) (6) $0.125 each

Colt Thunderer $28

Deck of Marked Cards $1.25

Dice $0.25

Envelopes (1 Dozen) $0.05

Gun cleaning kit $1.50

Hat (Derby) $2

Holster (Fancy) $5

Horse (Good) $100

Hotel (Good per night) (7) $2

Knife $2

Matches (Safety/240) $0.10

Mirror (Brush and Comb Set) $3

Overcoat (Cloth) $8

Paper (100 Sheets) $0.50

Pen (Fountain) $3

Poker Chips (1000) $3

Razor (Straight) $1

Saddle and Bridle (Fancy) $60

Saddlebags and Saddle Blanket $8

Shirt (Good Quality) (2) $1 each

Shoes (Menís) $3.50

Soap (Cake) $0.03

Socks (1 Pair) (2) $0.01 each

Stable (Horse overnight) (7) $0.25

Suit (Menís Fancy) $12

Suit (Menís Plain) $5

Sword Cane $4

Watch (Pocket with Chain) $4



Born in New Orleans, Louisiana, Jack Wylde grew up around the Mississippi River and around riverboat gamblers all his life. He knew that this was the lifestyle he wanted for himself.


Under the wing of his uncle Thomas "Deuces" Wylde, he studied and learned the skill of professional gambling. Thomas also taught him how to shoot a Colt revolver, by shooting items from the riverboats and target shooting when home.


Jack knew the winning hand ranks even before he knew his alphabet. Jack gained a normal schooling and during his time off school, he practiced his skill of gambling with Uncle Thomas.


When Thomas caught a card cheat during a high stakes game, Thomas was killed before he could draw his gun. It was a cold blooded attack. The outlaw took the money and ran off. Jack went on a cross country quest to hunt down Thomas' killer. The only thing that Jack knows about him is that he is an outlaw and his nickname is "Smokin' Joe", because he constantly smokes Cheroots. Of course it 'could' be because of the way he handles his Colt Lightning. And he has a quirk of fiddlin' with the struck matches that lit the Cheroots.


Jack has followed Smokin' Joe's trail west, since Thomas' burial and inheriting Thomas' wealth. He has used his inheritance to travel and pay for information. Jack continues to search, carrying a wanted poster of Smokin' Joe and his Colt Thunderer. Jack has been just a few weeks behind Joe and has had to re-trace his path a few times. And he's not afraid to face Joe or to kill him in any manner possible. Jack is out to avenge his uncle and he's not planning to give up.


Smokin' Joe

        Smokin' Joe


Jack's Occupation is "Idle Rich".

Jack's Profession is "Gambler".

Jack's a "Maverick in training".

The next levels will be:

Dedicated 1/ Fast 1 (Get Feat "Card Sharp", Skill "Sleight of Hand" at 4, Add 1 to Skill "Gamble")

Dedicated 2/Fast 1 (Get Feat "Fast Draw", Add 1 to Skill "Gamble", Add 1 to Skill "Sleight of Hand")

Dedicated 2/Fast 1/Maverick 1 (Get feature "Poker Face", Add 1 to Skill "Gamble", Add 1 to Skill "Sleight of Hand")

From there on, keep adding to Maverick class.



Height: 5' 11" Weight: 172 lbs. Gender: Male

Dominant Hand: Right Eyes: Blue Hair: Black, Neat Skin: Tanned

Quirks: Individualist, Self-Confident

Speech style: Clear

Quotable: Care for a friendly game of cards?



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