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The Lobster Man From Mars - Screen Images

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The Lobster Man From Mars

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"The Lobster Man From Mars" (1989) with Tony Curtis and Patrick Macnee


Crazed Fanboy presents Schlockarama: http://www.crazedfanboy.com/schlock/indexprimeLM.html

3 Beer Theatre: Bad Movie Planet - Lobster Man From Mars http://www.badmovieplanet.com/3btheater/l/lobstermanfrommars.html

Extract Wav file (90k) - "I had a hunch - not an idea, not even a feeling, more like a rabbit punch to the base of the brain."






Lobster Man From Mars poster


Extracted MP3 soundtracks from The Lobster Man From Mars:

Chapter 06: Zip's Diner

Chapter 07: Motel Closet

Chapter 12: Throckmorton's

Chapter 14: Conclusion


Thumbnails of The Lobster Man From Mars:

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1991 Hubbie Award:

A runner-up was: Tommy Sledge, in "Lobster Man From Mars," who inspects giant lobster tracks and says "It means that either he escaped, or he walked backwards from the horizon to commit suicide in this bonfire."



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