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There have been some reported difficulties in downloading WAV and MIDi files. There was a new upgrade to Windows Media Player Version 7.01, when I applied the upgrade, things were working again. Their patch corrected the problem. We apologize for the inconvenience.


This page features TV and movie Midi selections that may be interesting.

At the bottom of this page are links to interesting places that feature TV theme music.


My midis were spotlighted in the "Internet Weekly Report" parody, in the 'Heritage Foundation Patriotic Music Collection - Linda Tripp's TV Theme Favorites'.

See: http://www.internetweekly.org/photo_cartoons/cartoon_hfmc_tripp.html.



NCIS opening

NCIS closing


Midi collection of TV themes:

A Team Theme (9k) Sequenced by Brad Orluk 05/20/99

Airwolf Theme (40k) ?

Airwolf Theme (16k) ?

Airwolf Theme (11k) ?

Andy Griffith Theme (17k) ?

Angel Theme (9k) Sequenced by Noella Choi

Babylon 5 Theme (3k)

Babylon 5 Theme (13k)

Benny Hill Theme (10k)

Benny Hill Theme (25k)

Blackadder Theme (4k) ?

Bob Newhart Show Theme (15k) ?

Buck Rogers Theme (9k)

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Theme (4k)

Captain Scarlet Theme (41k)

Carol Burnett Show Theme (8k)


Cheers Theme (9k)

Cheers Theme (12k)

Cheers Theme (8k)


Coke Commercial Theme (3k)

Coke Commercial Theme (4k)

COPS Theme (51k)

Dallas Theme (19k)

Darling Buds of May Theme (4k)

Debeers Commercial Theme (8k)

Dick Van Dyke Theme (4k)

Doctor Who Theme (22k)

Doctor Who Closing Theme (12k)

Doctor Who (61k) This is a new variation with a 'hip-hop' beat. This midi was created and provided by Mat D, the administrator of http://mdsoftware.co.nr/.


Fawlty Towers Theme (5k)

Flintstones Theme (22k)

Forever Knight Theme (8k)

Friends Theme (16k)

Green Hornet Theme (3k)

Hart to Hart Theme (2k)

Hawaii Five-0 Theme (17k)

Hawaii Five-0 Theme (18k)

Hawaii Five-0 Theme (21k)

Hercules Theme (21k)

H2G2 Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Theme (15k)

Hogan's Heroes Theme (18k)

Home Improvement Theme (3k)

Honeymooners Theme (15k)

Huckleberry Hound Theme (18k)

Hunter Theme (4k)

I Dream of Jeanie Theme (18k)

I Spy Theme (4k)

JAG Theme (5k)

Jeopardy Theme (3k)

Johnny Quest Theme (40k)

Kids in the Hall Theme (20k)

Kids in the Hall Theme (8k) Generated by Christopher Farr

Knight Rider Theme (17k)

Knight Rider Theme (12k)

Knight Rider Theme (13k)

Land of the Giants Theme (25k)

Lassie Theme (13k)

Laverne and Shirley Theme (30k)

Lost In Space Theme (53k)

Macgyver Theme (9k)

Man From UNCLE Theme (8k)

Mannix Theme (100k)

Mannix Theme (14k)

M*A*S*H Theme (39k)

Masterpiece Theatre Theme (8k)

Mike Hammer "Harlem Noctourne" Theme (31k)

Mission Impossible 1988 Theme (16k)

Mission Impossible Theme (6k)

Mission Impossible Theme (39k)

Miss Marple Theme (8k)

Monkees Theme (12k)

Monty Python's Flying Circus Theme (29k)

Moonlighting Theme (33k)

Munsters Theme (32k)

My Mother the Car Theme (5k)

MST3K Mystery Science Theatre 3000 Theme (12k)

MST3K Mystery Science Theatre 3000 Theme (19k)

MST3K Mystery Science Theatre 3000 Creepy Girl Theme (11k)

MST3K (closing) Theme (2k)

Name of the Game Theme (172k)

NBC Sunday Night Mystery Movie Theme (33k)

Newhart Theme (15k)

Odd Couple Theme (8k)

Odd Couple Theme (9k)

Outer Limits Theme (17k)

Paladin Theme (19k)

Perry Mason Theme (14k)

Peter Gunn Theme (14k)

Peter Gunn Theme (21k)

Peyton Place Theme (4k)

Police Squad Theme (27k)

Prisoner Theme (14k)

Prisoner Theme (34k)

Professionals Theme (17k)

Quantum Leap Theme (4k)

Quantum Leap Theme (11k)

Quincy Theme (8k)

Red Dwarf Theme (12k)

Red Dwarf Theme (5k)

Remmington Steele Theme (6k)

Ren and Stimpy's "Happy Happy Joy Joy" Theme (17k)

Route 66 "Get Your Kicks on Route 66" not the TV theme (13k)

Route 66 Nelson Riddle's version - Theme wav (163k)

Rush Limbaugh Show Theme (3k)

Saint Theme (9k)

Surfside Six (121k) (wav file)

Scooby Doo Theme (16k)

Secret Agent Theme (27k)

Secret Agent Theme (12k)

77 Sunset Strip Theme (21k) Sequenced by Gary Rogers 06/99

Simpsons Theme (33k)

South Park Theme (6k)

Space Above and Beyond Theme (7k)

Space 1999 Theme (14k)

Space 1999 Theme Closing (5k)

Star Trek Theme (10k)

Star Trek - Deep Space Nine Theme (4k)

Star Trek - Next Generation Theme (18k)

Star Trek - Voyager Theme (14k)

Streets of San Francisco Theme (11k)

Superfriends Theme (4k)

Time Tunnel Theme (8k)

UFO Theme (26k)

UFO Theme (12k)

UFO Theme (WAV file!) (729k)

Viper Theme (3k)

Waltons Theme (4k)

Who's the Boss Theme (3k)

Wild Wild West Theme (16k)

Wild Wild West Theme (8k)

Wings Theme (4k)

WKRP in Cincinnati Theme (2k)

Xena Theme (13k)

XFiles Theme (13k)

XFiles Trance Mix Theme (65k)


Midi collection of Movie themes:

Austin Powers Theme (21k) ?

Blazing Saddles Theme (6k)

Blazing Saddles Theme (25k)

Casablanca Theme "As Time Goes By" (13k)

Doctor Who Movie Theme (22k)

Exorcist Theme (60k)

Godzilla Theme (33k)

Goldfinger Theme (27k)

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly Theme (49k)

James Bond Theme (38k)

James Bond Theme (47k)

James Bond Theme (23k)

Ktulhu (Lovecraftian) (25k)

Live and Let Die Theme (27k)

Men in Black Theme (36k)

Monty Python (The Bright Side of Life) Theme (41k)

Monty Python and the Holy Grail Theme (4k)

Pink Panther Theme (14k)

Pink Panther Theme (8k)

Pink Panther Theme (37k)

Psycho Theme (10k)

Raiders of the Lost Ark Theme (53k)

Raiders of the Lost Ark Theme (24k)

Rocky Horror Picture Show Theme "Time Warp" (54k)

Shaft Theme (75k)

The Saint Theme (3k)

Total Recall Theme (17k)

Wild Wild West Movie Theme (43k)

The Wizard of Oz Theme (16k)

XFiles Movie Theme (39k)


Midi collection of other themes:

Billville Theme from Firesign Theatre's "Boom Dot Bust" (4K)


Links to More Theme music:

Neil Strawbridge presents TV's Greatest Hits. A marvelous 'new' collection of TV midi themes with LiveUpdate Crescendo and corresponding television show information. Definitely worth repeated visits!

Looking for spooky Midi's? Try http://www.Canvaswerks.com/spookymidi.htm!


Television Tunes http://www.televisiontunes.com/index.html Here is another site with downloadable television theme music.


A new file added called Ven.




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