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Pulp Adventures: Thrilling Tales of the Gold Monkey RPG Page:

A Role Playing Game on RPOL.


This is a moderated roleplaying game dedicated to the Pulp genre, in the manner of Indiana Jones, the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Nero Wolfe, The Mummy and the Shadow. The Rules system will be "d20 Modern" and "Thrilling Tales", rules very light. I'm in charge of NPCs, plotlines, scenes, and scene changes, and success determinations for PC actions, it is a moderated game. It is NOT D & D.

It has become more of a freeform game (after the character generation) and imagination is encouraged. This game has a plot and sub-plots, and will feature action, adventure, derring-do, swashbuckling, weird science and cliffhangers. But we stick very close to the nature of the character details.

So now that you have some idea of what's going on, you can PM me for a RTJ if you like the idea.  The game is set in 1925 in Miami, Florida. And the PCs will be normal human types with something extra about them, something that sets them apart from ordinary folks, some skill, item, or advantage that makes them 'special'. They are Advanced Class characters in the Pulp era, but not superheroes. Just 'special', in their own way.

This game is about the Good Guys & Gals (and the sort-of-borderline guys & gals).


This is our current roster of characters:
Ace Reporter - Emily Grant
Ace Reporter - Eric 'Papa' Henderschott (NPC)
Ace Reporter - Walter Grant (NPC)
Air Ace - Ruth Carter
Air Ace - Jack van Lannigan (NPC)
Arcane Arranger - Kenneth Rockefeller AKA Dracula
Big Game Hunter - Paul Savage (NPC)
Big Game Hunter - Joel O'Hara (NPC)
Femme Fatale (Heiress) - Diane Colvert (NPC)
Femme Fatale (Assassin) - Frankie 'The Finger' McGee (NPC)
Femme Fatale (Night club singer) - Lillian 'Lil' Lebeau
Fortune Hunter (Rum Runner/Ship Captain) - Captain Frank McCloud
Fortune Hunter - Henri Belouine (NPC)
Gumshoe - Archie Goodwin (NPC)
Gumshoe - John 'Johnny' Wilcox (NPC)
Gumshoe - Philip 'Phil' Ohls (NPC)
Gun Moll - Molly 'Gertie' McGowan (NPC)
Man of Mystery / Woman of Mystery - Earl Lee 'Early' Calhoun AKA Lee Calhoun AKA Silver Blade
Man of Mystery (Ship Captain) - Captain Maxwell Drake (multiple aka's)
Martial Artist (Ship's crew) - Lim Jing (NPC)
Martial Artist (Entertainer) - Mei Ling
Noble Savage - Eztli Ocelotl, aka Eztli the Jaguar Girl
Paragon - John Legend
Paragon - Margaret Browning
Rocket Ranger - Nick Grant
Scientist - Dr. William Weird
Colin Graham - Bodyguard


The Gulf Princess owned by Captain Maxwell Drake and Margaret Browning. The Princess sails in the Sea of Cortez. The main port is in San Felipe.


Plate 9. Site of Campo Uno at the Base of San Felipe Point.

Plate 10. An Old Spanish-built Wall at Campo Uno.

Plate 11. Rubble at the Site from Adobe Walls that once stood at the first Camp.

Plate 12. Further Evidence of Dwellings at Campo Uno.

Plate 13. Ruins on the Beach.

Plate 14. An Original Log-hewn Fishing Vessel.

Music from Ace Brigode and His 10 or 14 Virginians:



Never Again

Yes Sir, That's My Baby (version 1)

Yes Sir, That's My Baby (version 2)

Annette Hanshaw's recording of "Get Out and Get Under the Moon", written by Ace Brigode. Hanshaw is accompanied here by Jimmy Lytell on clarinet and Rube Bloom on piano. The recording was made in May of 1928 and was issued on Perfect 12444.

Paul Whitehouse & His Orchestra's "Linger Awhile", written by Ace Brigode.

Paul Whiteman & His Orchestra's "I'll See You In My Dreams", written by Ace Brigode.

Isham Jones & His Orchestra's "I'm Tired of Everything but You", written by Ace Brigode.


Want a tool for generating newspaper clippings?

The Newspaper Clipping Generator!

Images of the Miami area and the 1920's era for the game.

Alamac Hotel:








Coral Gables:



County Causeway:



Fisher Island:


New Rickenbacker Causeway:


Roney Plaza Hotel:


Royal Palms:



The News Building:


Venetian Causeway:


Villa Vizcaya Museum and Gardens:

The Vizcaya Museum pamphlet - Front image  Back image



Bay Front:









New Yorker:



Geoffroy's Cat:


Mills slot machine from 1925:



Florida Palms poker chip from 1925:




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