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Dream Machines info excerpt is from:
"The Complete Avengers" by Dave Rogers - 1989
"The Ultimate Avengers" by Dave Rogers - 1995

Mrs. Peel by Ian Gibson

Pen and Ink by Ian Gibson


Mrs. Emma Peel
Glacier blue Lotus Elan S2

Reg no: HNK 999C

Throughout the b/w series
Glacier blue Lotus Elan S2

Reg no: SJH 4999D

Throughout entire colour series

John Steed

Reg no: GK 3295

Blackman Series 2 episodes
Green 1929 Speed Six Bentley - Vauxhall 30-98

Reg no: XT 2273

Throughout the Rigg b/w series 

Green 1926 4 1/2 litre Bentley

Reg no: UW 4887

Throughout the Rigg b/w series 

(20) Rigg colour episode
Green 1928 Green Label Bentley

Reg no: YK 6871

(1) Rigg colour episode
Green 1926 Speed Six Bentley

Reg no: RX 6l80

(2-5-6-7-8-11-14-16-18-19-21) Rigg colour episodes

(42) Thorson episode
Green 1927 4 1/2 litre Bentley

Reg no: YT 3942

(22-24-25) Rigg colour episodes

(3-4-6) Thorson episodes
Yellow 1927 Rolls Royce Silver Ghost

Reg no: KK 4976

(5-7-8 to 14; 16 to 26) Thorson episodes
Yellow 1923 Rolls Royce Phantom Tourer Mk1

Reg no: UU 3864

(27-28-30-31-32) Thorson episodes
Olive-green Land Rover

Reg no: WX 887

(8-10) Rigg colour episodes
Trojan Bubble Car

Reg no: CMU 574A

(24) Thorson episode

Tara King

Red Lotus Elan +2

Reg no: NPW 999F

Maroon AC 428 Convertible

Reg no: LPH 800D

(1 to 4; 7-8-9-12) Thorson episodes
Red Lotus Europa

Reg no: PPW 999F

(6-11; 14 to 23) Thorson episodes
Mini Moke

Reg no: LYP 794D

(10) Thorson episode

Mrs. Catherine Gale

Triumph motorcycle

Reg no: 987 CAA
Blackman Series episodes

Silver grey Rolls Royce

Reg no: 3 KHM

(30) Thorson episode
Brown Mini Moke

Reg no: THX 77F

(26) Thorson episode

Lady Diana
White MGB

Reg no: BMW 300G

(19) Thorson episode

The New Avengers:
John Steed
Olive green 5.3 litre Jaguar Coupe'

Reg no: NYK 60P

Throughout first season
Yellow Rover saloon

Reg no: WOC 229P

Several episodes of the second season
Green Range Rover

Reg no: TXC 922J

Several episodes of the series

Mike Gambit
Red Jaguar XJS

Reg no: MLR 875P

Throughout the series
White Range Rover

Reg no: LOK 537P

Several episodes of the series

Red Triumph TR7 with a white stripe

Several episodes of the series

Yellow MGB Drophead Sports

Reg no: MOC 232P

First season episodes
Yellow Triumph TR7

Reg no: OGW 562R

Several episodes of the second season
Yellow/Black Honda motorcycle

Reg no: LLC 950F

(5) episode
Red Honda motorcycle

Reg no: OLR 471P

(18) episode


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