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Arthur Wester


North Carolina Genealogical Journal, Vol. IX, 1983. 224-83. Who were the parents of Arthur Wester who died in 1792, Nash County, North Carolina? When and where was he born? When and where was he married to his wife Elizabeth Godwin? Children: Hardy, William, Benjamin, Matthew, Mary, Kissiah, Patience, and Polly. Any information on family is appreciated.

Information provided: (1981) by Mrs. O. D. Dellinger, Jr., 2234 Leafmore Dr., Decatur, Georgia 30033.

Found: genforum.genealogy.com/westray/messages/6.html
by Timothy Hoskins 1/29/2000

Sue Hall Mills provided chart updates for her family: October 2007.

(She is the descendant of Thomas Joiner and Patience Wester).

Arthur Wester.
B. __-__-1720 Virginia.
D. 02-10-1792 Nash County, North Carolina.
M. __-__-1762 Isle of Wight County, Virginia.
M. To Elizabeth Green Godwin.
B. __-__-1730 abt, Virginia.
D. __-__-____.
P. John Godwin/Mary???

Isle of Wight Wills and Admins (1647-1800)

Abstracts of Early Records of Nash County, North Carolina J. W. Watson

executor Lewis Curl w/Hardy Westray.


A. Patience Wester.
B. __-__-1768 (1771) North Carolina.
D. __-__-1834 Trigg County, Kentucky.
M. __-__-1785 North Carolina.
M. To Thomas Joiner.
B. __-__-____ Nash County, North Carolina.
D. 12-__-1863 Tennessee. About age 65.


Notes: Patience Wester who was born in North Carolina.  She was the daughter  of Arthur Wester of Nash County, N.C.  Patience Wester moved with her family to what was Christian County, Kentucky and later became Trigg County, Kentucky.  She married Thomas Joiner who was also born in North Carolina.  Their complete family history is documented in Joiner - Joyner, A History of Our Ancestors, Volulme I, Revised Edition, by Ramsey (mis-spelled Ransey) Joiner, Jr. which shows an entry from the "Wills" of Nash, Co., N.C., it shows listed the following:

Wester, Arthur P. 75.   d. Feb. 10, 1792 - Feb. Ct. 1792.  Sons: 1. HARDY, 2. WILLIAM, 3. BENJAMIN.   Grandson:  ELI WESTER.   Daughters:  1. MARY WESTER, 2. KISSIAH WESTER, 3. PATIENCE JOYNER.  Granddaughter:  POLLY WESTER.  Executor:  Son HARDY, friend LEWIS CURL.  Witness:  ROGER REESE,  JOSIAH WHITLEY.


Arthur Westray 1792 (d. 02-10-1792)
Isle of Wight Wills and Admins 1647-1800 Book ??
*Source : Abstracts of Early Records of Nash Co, NC, J W Watson
Hardy - son
Benjamin - son
William - son
Mary - daughter
Kessiah - daughter
Patience Joyner- daughter
Exr Lewis Curl (w/ Hardy Westray)

It also says "A large family of Westers came from North Carolina and settled on Dry Creek in this community as early as 1798.  They were hardy, energetic and upright people, and loved the excitement of pioneer life.  As the population began to increase they disposed of their little farms, and moved into the Jackson Purchase, for the purpose they said of securing more "elbow room."  The names of the older heads of these families were Fulgrum Wester and Eli Wester.  Abel Olive, a brother-in-law of the Westers, came about the same time and settled near the river.  A little later, probably in the year 1802-03 a large family of the Joiners and Pittses settled in the same neighborhood.  Israel Joiner and Thomas Joiner settled further up the creek toward the neighborhood of Flat Lick, while their mother, who was a widow lady, settled on the place now known as the Pitts farm."

AA. William Joiner.
B. __-__-1789 Nash County, North Carolina.
D. __-__-____ Trigg County, Kentucky. (BEFORE 1850)
M. 02-26-1811 Christian County, Kentucky.
M. To 1) Sally Clark.
B. __-__-1794.
D. __-__-1812.

(no children)
M. 07-20-1813 Trigg County, Kentucky.
M. To 2) Patsy Lane.
B. 11-20-1789 Wake, North Carolina.
D. __-__-____.
P. Joseph Lane/Phoebe Hunter.

(Children of Patsy Lane)


AAA. Burrell Joiner.
B. 03-01-1815 Trigg County, Kentucky.
D. 11-01-1898.
M. 01-13-1839.
M. To Tabitha Francis.
B. 03-16-1820 Wayne, Kentucky.
D. 02-13-1888.


AAB. Rhonda A. Joiner.

B. 10-25-1829 Trigg County, Kentucky.

D. 12-10-1910 Trigg County, Kentucky.

M. 10-04-1849.

M. To Josiah Robertson.

B. __-__-1828 South Carolina.

D. 10-__-1863 Stewart County, Kentucky.

AB. Jane Joiner.
B. 05-31-1793 North Carolina.
D. 09-20-1867 Canton, Kentucky.
M. __-__-1812 Kentucky or Tennessee.
M. To William Lewis Ezell.
B. 12-29-1787 Sussex County, Virginia.
D. 09-13-1813 Trigg County, Kentucky.
P. Gilliam Ezell / Nancy Slaughter.
GP. John Ezell / Sarah Gilliam.
Note: John Ezell b. ca 1707 m. 1) Hannah Avoriss (Avery). m. 2) Sarah Gilliam b. abt. 1744 Surry VA.
Child, William (Bill Ezell) b. ca 1745 Surry Va. d. Apr. 2, 1831 Trigg County, Kentucky.
Son Gilliam Ezell b. abt. 1765 d. May 1843 married Nancy Slaughter, b. 1766 Anson NC. d. 1820-1823 Trigg County, Kentucky.
Nancy Slaughter was the daughter of Owen Slaughter.


ABA. William Barnett Ezell.

B. 07-03-1813 Trigg County, Kentucky.
D. 01-20-1838 Little Rock, Pulaski County, Arkansas.


ABB. Warren G. Ezell. 

B. 03-11-1817 Trigg County, Kentucky.
D. __-__-____.


ABC. Abigail Ezell. 

B. 05-11-1820 Trigg County, Kentucky.
D. __-__-____ Stewart County, Tennessee.

M. __-__-____.

M. To William Jefferson Bogard.

B. __-__-____.
D. __-__-____.


ABD. Eli W. Ezell. 

B. 09-22-1822 Trigg County, Kentucky.
D. 08-21-1841 Trigg County, Kentucky.


ABE. Samuel Dunlap Ezell. 

B. 10-02-1824 Canton, Trigg County, Kentucky.
D. __-__-1915-1916 Texas.


ABF. Susan A. Ezell. 

B. 03-04-1826 Trigg County, Kentucky.
D. 10-27-1852 Trigg County, Kentucky.


ABG. Nancy Ezell. 

B. __-__-1829 Trigg County, Kentucky.
D. __-__-____.


ABH. Gillam Merit Ezell. 

B. 07-14-1829 Trigg County, Kentucky.
D. 11-18-1908 Louisville, Clay County, Illinois.


ABI. Thomas "G" or "H" Ezell. 

B. 09-25-1831 Trigg County, Kentucky.
D. 02-18-1863 Vicksburg, Mississippi.


ABJ. Elizabeth A. Ezell. 

B. __-__-1833 Trigg County, Kentucky.
D. __-__-____.


ABK. Narcissia (Marcipa) Ezell. 

B. __-__-1835 Trigg County, Kentucky..
D. __-__-1908.

M. 08-01-1859.

M. To Robert Washington Mize.

B. 11-04-1833 North Carolina.
D. 07-17-1908 Canton, Kentucky.


ABKA. Joseph Y. Mize.

B. __-__-____.
D. __-__-____.


ABKB. Charlie H. Mize.

B. __-__-____.
D. __-__-____.


ABKC. Ida Mize.

B. __-__-____.
D. __-__-____.

M. To Carloss.

B. __-__-____.
D. __-__-____.


ABKD. Robert Bailey Mize.

B. 09-27-1872 Trigg County, Kentucky.
D. 11-15-1944.

M. 07-25-1897 Stewart County, Tennessee.

M. To Kenny Cunningham.

B. __-__-____ Trigg County, Kentucky.
D. __-__-____.


ABKDA. Lizzie Mae Mize.

B. 07-25-1898.
D. __-__-____.


ABKDB. Kitty Dorothy Mize.

B. 07-31-1900.
D. __-__-____.


ABKDC. William Carlos Mize.

B. 07-27-1902.
D. __-__-____.


ABKDD. Clarence Mize.

B. 04-14-1905.
D. __-__-____.


ABKDE. Bernice Dean Mize.

B. 08-18-1908 Canton, Kentucky.
D. 04-28-1999 Crittenden County, Kentucky.

M. __-__-____.

M. To Marvin Walter Hall.

B. 12-03-1906.
D. __-__-____.


ABKDEA. Barrett Dale Hall.

B. 10-24-1928.
D. 10-25-1929.


ABKDEB. Darrell Reed Hall.

B. 12-24-1929.
D. 05-28-1993.


ABKDEC. Billy Ray Hall.

B. 03-17-1931.
D. __-__-____.


ABKDED. Sue Hall.

B. 10-11-1933.
D. __-__-____.

M. __-__-____.

M. To 1) Samuel Joe Sowash.

B. __-__-____.
D. __-__-____.

M. __-__-____.

M. To 2) Geroge Robert Cartwright.

B. __-__-____.
D. __-__-____.

M. __-__-____.

M. To 3) Freddy Joe Mills.

B. __-__-____.
D. __-__-____.


ABKDEDA. Sheryl Sowash.

B. __-__-____.
D. __-__-____.

ABKDEDB. Michael Sowash.

B. __-__-____.
D. __-__-____.

ABKDEDC. Robert Sowash.

B. __-__-____.
D. __-__-____.

ABKDEDD. Christopher Shannon Cartwright.

B. __-__-____.
D. __-__-____.


ABKDEE. Jon Morrison Hall.

B. 10-10-1940.
D. 01-02-2005.


ABKDEF. Nira Dean Hall.

B. 06-26-1945.
D. __-__-____.


ABKDEG. Sarah Ellen Hall.

B. 09-28-1945.
D. __-__-____.


ABKDF. Frances Ellen Mize.

B. 08-01-1910.
D. __-__-____.


ABKDG. Robert Eugene Mize.

B. 08-15-1912.
D. __-__-____.


ABKDH. Agnes Earle Mize.

B. __-__-1916.
D. __-__-____.


ABKDI. Mildred Louise Mize.

B. __-__-1917.
D. __-__-____.


ABKDJ. Virginia Pearl Mize.

B. __-__-1920.
D. __-__-____.


ABKDK. Alice Marie Mize.

B. __-__-1922.
D. __-__-____.


ABKDL. Edgar Lee Mize.

B. __-__-1926.
D. __-__-____.


Cecelia Joiner Wilson provided chart updates for her family: December 2006.

(She is the great great granddaughter of Thomas Joiner and Jemima Mead)


AC. Thomas Joiner.
B. 02-10-1797 Nash County, North Carolina.
D. 12-21-1863 Christian County, Kentucky. Buried on their old home place located on highway 107, farm owned by John Robertson family, midway between Herndon and Lafayette, Kentucky.
M. 02-06-1817 Christian County, Kentucky.
M. TO Nancy Young Ezell.
B. __-__-1798 Lancaster, South Carolina.
D. 05-25-1863 Christian County, Kentucky. Buried on their old home place located on highway 107, farm owned by John Robertson family, midway between Herndon and Lafayette, Kentucky.
P. Gilliam Ezell/Nancy Slaughter.

ACA. Nathan S. Joiner.
B. 12-01-1818 Trigg County, Kentucky.
D. 01-25-1897.
M. 12-20-1841.
M. To Nancy Gourley.
B. __-__-1822 Trigg County, Kentucky.
D. __-__-____.

P. Hugh Gourley/Elizabeth (Betsy) Ezell.


ACAA. Pinkney Jeff Joiner.

B. __-__-1848.

D. __-__-____.

M. 12-20-1877.

M. To Mary Ellen Rogers.

B. __-__-1850.

D. __-__-____.

P. William S. Rogers/Matilda Tart.


ACAAA. Willie Nathan Joiner.

B. 10-23-1879.

D. 04-15-1965.

M. 11-17-1913.

M. To Nina Noles.

B. 12-30-1894.

D. 01-05-1973.

ACAAAA. Child Joiner.

ACAAAB. Child Joiner.


ACAAB. Addison Vance Joiner.

B. 02-27-1880.

D. 04-27-1957.

M. 09-18-1909.

M. To Etna Compton.

B. 11-09-1881.

D. 12-30-1959.

ACAABA. Child Joiner.

ACAABB. Child Joiner.

ACAABC. Child Joiner.


ACAAC. Joseph A. Joiner.

B. 02-28-1882.

D. 08-29-1958.

M. 10-03-1919.

M. To Garvie Wallace.

B. __-__-1887.

D. __-__-1939.

ACAACA. Child Wallace.

ACAACB. Child Wallace.

ACAACC. Child Wallace.

ACAACD. Child Wallace.


ACAAD. Effie Joiner.

B. __-__-____.

D. __-__-____.

M. __-__-____.

M. To Ben Faughn.

B. __-__-____.

D. __-__-____.


ACAAE. Lovie Nancy Joiner.

B. 06-30-1889.

D. 10-30-1926.

M. __-__-____.

M. To James Seldon Compton.

B. 10-09-1886.

D. 04-16-1961.

ACAAEA. Child Compton.

ACAAEB. Child Compton.

ACAAEC. Child Compton.

ACAAED. Child Compton.


ACAAF. Furman Knox Joiner.

B. 08-28-1886.

D. 11-10-1966. (Buried in Siloam Cemetery, Trigg County, Kentucky.)

M. __-__-____.

M. To 1) Lillian Cothran.

B. __-__-____.

D. __-__-1918.

Lillian and two children died during the influenza epidemic in Missouri. Furman brought their bodies back by train and they are supposed to be buried in Jennie Ridge in the LBL area of Trigg County.

M. 11-01-1924.

M. To 2) Madeline Elizabeth Mitchell.

B. 05-09-1901.

D. 05-21-1980. (Buried in Siloam Cemetery, Trigg County, Kentucky.)

P. Willie Riley Mitchell/Sarah Catherine Wood.

Note: Madeline had a son: Dewey Amos Mitchell on 02-12-1921. He was raised by Madeline and her parents until her marriage to Furman K. Joiner. Dewey married Gurtrude.


(Children of Lillian)

ACAAFA. Eulan Joiner. (He died about age 6 years of influenza.)

ACAAFB. Effie Lee Joiner. (She died about age 6 months of influenza.)


ACAAFC. Flossie Mae Joiner.

B. 01-23-1915.

D. 11-17-1988.

M. __-__-____.

M. To Oral Garner.

B. 07-01-1905.

D. 08-25-1989.

ACAAFCA. Child Garner.

ACAAFCB. Child Garner.

ACAAFCC. Child Garner.

ACAAFCD. Child Garner.

ACAAFCE. Child Garner.


(Children of Madeline)

ACAAFD. Mamie Ethel Joiner.

B. 10-03-1925.
M. 11-06-1943.
M. To Clarence Layton Alexander.

B. 12-18-1918.
D. 11-06-2001. (Buried in Siloam Cemetery, Trigg County, Kentucky.)

P. Hulett Albert Alexander/Harriett Divinia Bridges.


ACAAFDA. Alma Lawon Alexander.

B. 09-28-1944.
M. 07-02-1961 in Trigg County, Kentucky.
M. To Donald Harris Dixon.

B. 02-11-1941.
P. Marvin Delbert Dixon/Elva Mae McCoy.


ACAAFDAA. LaDonna Kaye Dixon.

B. 12-19-1962.
M. 05-28-1983.
M. To Ralph King Anderson III (Andy).

B. 03-25-1961.
P. Ralph King Anderson Jr./Allie Lee Major.


ACAAFDAAA. Ralph King Anderson IV. (A.J.)

B. 12-27-1986.


ACAAFDAAB. Rachel Elizabeth Anderson.

B. 10-03-1988.


ACAAFDAAC. Katherine Christine Anderson.

B. 07-02-1990.


ACAAFDAB. Rodney Chris Dixon.

B. 04-28-1967.
D. 04-29-1967. (Buried in Siloam Cemetery, Trigg County, Kentucky.)


ACAAFDB. Marcellious Layton Alexander.

B. __-__-____.
M. __-__-____.
M. To Hollis Ramona Shelton.

B. __-__-____.

ACAAFDBA. Hollis Alexander.

B. __-__-____.


ACAAFDBB. Lannie Alexander.

B. __-__-____.


ACAAFDBC. Sarah Ann Alexander.

B. __-__-____.


ACAAFDC. Roy Wayne Alexander.

B. __-__-____.


ACAAFE. Furman Killous Joiner.

B. 11-23-1931.
M. 12-12-1953.
M. To Ila Waudean Wyatt.

B. 09-03-1930.

ACAAFEA. Child Joiner.

B. __-__-____.

ACAAFEB. Child Joiner.

B. __-__-____.

ACAAFEC. Child Joiner.

B. __-__-____.

ACAAFED. Child Joiner.

B. __-__-____.


ACAAFF. Mary Katherine Joiner.

B. 08-13-1936.
M. 01-15-1953.
M. To Donald Behm.

B. 04-05-1929.
ACAAFFA. Child Behm.

B. __-__-____.

ACAAFFB. Child Behm.

B. __-__-____.

ACAAFFC. Child Behm.

B. __-__-____.

ACAAFFD. Child Behm.

B. __-__-____.

ACAAFFE. Child Behm.

B. __-__-____.


ACB. Mary Ann Joiner.
B. 07-04-1819 Christian County, Kentucky.
D. 02-28-1870 Christian County, Kentucky.

M. __-__-____.

M. To Samuel F. Gourley.

B. __-__-____.
D. __-__-____.


Cecelia Joiner Wilson provided chart updates for her family: December 2006.

(She is the great great granddaughter of Thomas Joiner and Jemima Mead)


ACC. Thomas Joiner III.
B. __-__-1820 Trigg County, Kentucky.
D. __-__-____.

M. 01-16-1844.

M. To 1. Nancy Jane Ezell.

B. __-__-____.
D. __-__-____.

M. 02-23-1867 Iron County, Missouri.

M. To 2. Jemima Mead.

B. __-__-1848 in District 93, Shannon County, Missouri.
D. __-__-____.

P. Adam Monroe Mead/Sarah A. "Sally" Clay.


(Child of Jemima Mead)

ACCA. Adam Joiner.

B. 08-08-1867 Shannon County, Missouri.

D. 03-19-1912 Bismarck (now Wright City), McCurtain County, Oklahoma.

M. __-__-____.

M. To Mary Ellen Long.

B. __-__-1872 abt. North Carolina.

D. __-__-1940.

P. Lorenza D. Long/Anna J.


ACCAA. Oscar Cecil Joiner.

B. 11-10-1903 Arkansas.

D. 07-__-1979 Arkansas.

M. __-__-____.

M. To Josie Maye Horn.

B. 04-30-1907.
D. 02-08-2003 Oklahoma.

P. Stanton David Horn/Metilda Ida Buchanan.


ACCAAA. Cecil (Bitty Son) Joiner Jr.

B. 08-19-1925 Oklahoma.
D. 03-10-1981 DeQueen, Arkansas.

M. __-__-____.

M. To Edna Louise Baxter.

B. 08-20-1930 Oklahoma.
D. __-__-____.

P. Patrick Henry Baxter/Irma Yates Bills.


ACCAAAA. Cecilia Louise Joiner.

B. 01-24-1949 Idabel, McCurtain, Oklahoma.
D. __-__-____.

M. __-__-____ Idabel, McCurtain, Oklahoma. (Divorced 1985)
M. To Gary Keith Wilson.
B. 02-06-1947 McCurtain, Oklahoma.
D. __-__-____.

ACCAAAAA. Randy Todd Wilson.

B. 01-08-1971 DeQueen, Sevier, Arkansas.
D. __-__-____.

M. __-__-____ San Diego, California. (Divorced abt 2004)

M. To Bobbie Jo Webb.

B. 11-__-1971.
D. __-__-____.

ACCAAAAAA. Kaitlin Denise Wilson.

B. 01-04-1994 San Diego, California.
D. __-__-____.

ACCAAAAAB. Drew Michael Wilson.

B. 07-30-1996 Idabel, McCurtain, Oklahoma.
D. __-__-____.


ACCAAAAB. Karen Sue Wilson.

B. 05-11-1975 DeQueen, Sevier, Arkansas.
D. __-__-____.


ACCAAAAC. Tracy Lynn Wilson.

B. 02-20-1978 Idabel, McCurtain, Oklahoma.
D. __-__-____.

M. 08-15-1998 Idabel, McCurtain, Oklahoma.

M. To Larry Gene Sargent, Jr.

B. 03-16-1972 Lawton, Oklahoma.
D. __-__-____.

ACCAAAACA. Hunter Shane Sargent.

B. 03-07-2003 LaGrange, Georgia.
D. __-__-____.

ACCAAAACB. Tanner Trace Sargent.

B. 06-29-2005.
D. __-__-____.


ACCAAAAD. Amy Lou Wilson.

B. 02-04-19____.
D. __-__-____.

M. 05-10-2006 Redland, McCurtain, Oklahoma.

M. To Pabe Lee Harrington.

B. 09-06-1974 DeQueen, Sevier, Arkansas.
D. __-__-____.

ACCAAAADA. Madison Leigh Harrington.

B. 11-30-1999 Idabel, McCurtain, Oklahoma.
D. __-__-____.

ACCAAAADB. Zane Keith Harrington.

B. 11-02-2005 Idabel, McCurtain, Oklahoma.
D. __-__-____.


(Child of Jemima Mead)

ACCB. Annie Elizabeth Joiner.

B. __-__-1870 Shannon County, Missouri.

D. __-__-____ Conway, Faulkner, Arkansas.

M. __-__-____.

M. To Junious O. Cart.

B. __-__-____.
D. __-__-____.


(Child of Jemima Mead)

ACCC. William Joiner.

B. __-__-1874 Shannon County, Missouri.

D. __-__-____.


ACD. Elizabeth Jane Joiner.
B. 02-07-1828 Christian County, Kentucky.
D. 05-25-1868.
M. 02-07-1843 Christian County, Kentucky.
M. To Jason Ezell.
B. 08-01-1822 Stewart County, Tennessee.
D. 03-03-1880.


ACE. Israel Green Joiner.
B. 12-31-1836 Lafayette, Kentucky.
D. 01-30-1919 Lafayette, Kentucky.

M. 11-06-1856.

M. To Mary Elizabeth Hudson.

B. __-__-____.
D. __-__-____.

AD. Israel Joiner.
B. __-__-1800 North Carolina OR Tennessee.
D. __-__-1874-1875 Trigg County, Kentucky.
M. __-__-1823.
M. To Martha Cotton.
B. __-__-1802 (1798) North Carolina.
D. 06-24-1853 Christian County, Kentucky.


ADA. Jonathan Joiner.
B. __-__-1821 Trigg County, Kentucky.
D. 01-29-1903 Slineburg.
M. 12-12-1842.
M. To 1) Mary Polly Taylor.
B. __-__-1822 Tennessee.
D. __-__-1863. (APPROX.)
M. 12-17-1867.
M. To 2) Margaret Jane Francis.
B. 08-11-1834.
D. 12-18-1904.
M. 04-23-1876.
M. To 3) James Henry Burke. (THIS CAN'T BE RIGHT)
B. __-__-____.
D. __-__-____.


ADB. Isaac Joiner.
B. __-__-1825 Trigg County, Kentucky.
D. 11-05-1870.
M. __-__-1847. (APPROX.)
M. To Elizabeth.
B. __-__-1829.
D. __-__-____.


ADC. Thomas Herman Joiner, Sr.
B. 03-26-1827 Trigg County, Kentucky.
D. 03-05-1903.
M. __-__-____.
M. To 1) Frances Elizabeth Farmer.
B. 02-26-1851.
D. 01-15-1894.
M. __-__-1852.
M. To 2) Martha Cherry.
B. __-__-1832. (APPROX.)
D. __-__-____.


ADD. Rebecca Joiner.
B. __-__-1829.
D. __-__-____.
M. 11-05-1853.
M. To Jonathan Farmer.
B. __-__-1830.
D. __-__-____.


ADE. Willis M. Joiner.
B. __-__-1832 Trigg County, Kentucky.
D. __-__-____.
M. __-__-____.
M. To Lusindie Farmer.
B. 01-21-1829.
D. __-__-____.


ADF. Martha Ann Joiner.
B. __-__-____.
D. __-__-____.


ADG. Matilda Joiner.
B. __-__-1836 Trigg County, Kentucky.
D. __-__-____.


B. Kissiah/Keziah/Kessiah Wester (daughter).
B. __-__-____.
D. __-__-____.

M. __-__-____.

M. to Joiner.

B. __-__-____. 


(Info on Kissiah's family provided by Nils Arthur Wester January 2012 - still waiting verification on data.) 
BA. Amos Joyner.

B. 1786
D. 1838
M. to Mary "Polly" Elizabeth Jones

B. 1800

D. 1870
BAA. Alfred Amos Joyner.

B. 1820

D. 1875
M. to Nancy Yarborough.

B. 1818
BAB. Willis B. Joyner.

B. 1824

D. 1913
M. to Margaret (Unkn) Perry.

B. 1832

D. 1911
BAC. John Joyner.

B. 1828

D. 1898
M. to Louisa Bartholomew.

B. 1836

D. 1912
BAD. Martha Joyner.

B. 1834
M. to Burwell B. Burnett.

B. 1835
BAE. Augustus Perry Joyner.

B. 1836

D. 1897
M. to Eveline Temperance Yarbrough.

B. 1841

D. 1928
BAF. Amos Ann Priscilla Joyner.

B. 1838

D. 1880
M. to Samuel Thomas Harper.

B. 1833

D. 1900


C. Mary Wester.
B. __-__-____.
D. __-__-____.


D. Hardy Wester.
B. __-__-1774. (BEFORE)
D. __-__-1802 Nash County, North Carolina.


E. William (Elias?) Wester.
B. __-__-1774 (BEFORE) (1740?).
D. 03-03-1801 (AFTER) (1808?) Georgia.
M. __-__-____.
M. To Elizabeth.
B. __-__-____.
D. __-__-____.


EA. Nathan Wester.
B. __-__-____.
D. __-__-____.


EB. William Wester.
B. __-__-____.
D. __-__-____.


EC. Polly Wester.
B. __-__-____.
D. __-__-____.


ED. Elizabeth Wester.
B. __-__-____.
D. __-__-____.


EF. Merritt Green Wester.
B. __-__-____.
D. __-__-____.


EG. Temperence Wester.
B. __-__-____.
D. __-__-____.


EH. Sucky Wester.
B. __-__-____.
D. __-__-____.


F. Benjamin Wester.
B. __-__-1777 (BEFORE).
D. 01-22-1844 (AFTER).
M. __-__-1840.
M. To Cherry Baines.
B. __-__-____.
D. __-__-____.


FA. Abisha Wester.
B. __-__-____.
D. __-__-____.


FB. Wiley Wester.
B. __-__-____.
D. __-__-____.


FC. Nathan Wester.
B. __-__-____.
D. __-__-____.


FD. Soloman Wester.
B. __-__-____.
D. __-__-____.


FE. Elijah Wester.
B. __-__-____.
D. __-__-____.


FF. Benjamin Hawkins Wester.
B. __-__-____.
D. __-__-____.


FG. Jordan Wester.
B. __-__-____.
D. __-__-____.


FH. Nancy Wester.
B. __-__-____.
D. __-__-____.


FI. Sabrina Wester.
B. __-__-____.
D. __-__-____.

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