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Journal of Amos Hunter

Blaze of Glory 6 - by Sol Foster

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Bleys' private Shadow is a playground of swashbuckling adventure. But Bleys is missing, and the outside world cannot learn of it. Can our heroes carry out the impersonation of a lifetime?


For more information about Blaze of Glory, see - http://ralf.org/~colomon/amber/bog.html.


Players and Characters:

Liz Trumitch: Jayne Green, the swordswoman trying to get Bleys to notice her. AKA "Plain Jayne"

Kris Fazzari: Lorianne, pirate queen and pilot. AKA "The Pirate Queen"

Cal Rae: Philippe, inventor, tech expert, and pilot.

Cal Westray: Amos Hunter, pilot, swordsman, and tech expert.

Jill Pritts: Bridget O'Malley, Irish mistress of disguise.

Andy Ransom: Lewis Mercer, the only sane one of the bunch. AKA The Spider.

Jeff Trumitch: Westley, swordsman. AKA "The Dread Pirate Roberts"

Joe Filippini: Otto Fromm, master of disquise.

Wendy Strang-Frost: Edna "Eddie" tech expert and pilot.

Anne Devlin: Marian Ravenwood, swordswoman.

Sean Frost: Rámon, swordsman.

Matthew Richardson: Maggie O'Donnell, a nun and underwater specialist. AKA "The Flying Nun"

Bill Gulstad: Cyrano Savinien Hercule de Bergerac, philosopher swordsman.

Arref Mak: Yves St. Laurant-Seaway, swordsman.


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Amos Hunter's Journal:


Upon our return, Philippe was obsessed with building a zeppelin. Well, that and being the new Emperor of Southern France - complete with Napoleon hat worn sideways. Eddie was determined to make his vision a reality. Philippe "is" a genius (he won't hear it from me) and a bloody minded fool. He would be willing to lay waste to the entire continent of Europe, killing everyone - to stand over the dead body of his nemesis Gustov and the black Guard.


I would have liked to observe the zeppelin's construction, but I felt there was more important work to be done.  So, I went elsewhere, where "I" was needed.


I don't ask permission to work on the planes. Excluding Philippe and Eddie, there "is" no one else as competent as me.


Getting more of the specially designed components I designed, I made the same modification to the rest of our fleet that I made to Cassandra. I am pleased with the results: a few more horsepower, sturdier stabilizers, and a touch more responsiveness. It will allow the planes to handle more weight. That has been the struggle during battle; taking on additional weight made the plane difficult to control. If passengers are where they are supposed to be, it responds perfectly. Dangling more weight from the rope causes the plane to get less lift or lose altitude. So, I strengthened the structure.




Blaze of Glory 6 ends…



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Quotes from Blaze of Glory 6:




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