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Character Name: Amos Hunter in Blaze of Glory.

Player Name: Cal Westray

Webpage: www.westray.org



Height: 5' 10"

Weight: 180

Build: Medium

Hair: Black

Eyes: Blue

Age: 30



Pilot, swordsman, and tech expert.


Typical attire: Brown leather jacket, Tan silk shirt, Tan cotton twill pants, Brown High laced leather boots, and Tan fedora or Brown leather aviator's cap (when flying). When working on the planes, Amos wears grease covered overalls, cotton shirt, and bandanna.


His primary weapons of choice are the Rapier and Main-gauche. He also uses a sabre and stiletto or bow and arrow in a pinch. Although not the most skilled of fighters, Amos can certainly hold his own in combat.



Elite Guardsman and Pilot.



WARFARE: [90] Points

STRENGTH: [25] Points

ENDURANCE: [30] Points

SEAMANSHIP: [10] Points

AVIATION: [43] Points

DISGUISE: [00] Points


STUFF: [02] Points



Items carried by Amos Hunter:

Rapier and main-gauche

Flint Lighter

Cigar Case

Brandy flask

Tool kit (in backpack)


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