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Dirk Burness Character Sheet:

I am 33 years old, 5' 10", and 170 pounds. I have a slender build with fair skin. My flame red hair and beard and green eyes make my heritage unmistakable, as one of Clarissa’s lot. I prefer to wear Scottish attire in red, green, and white. My casual attire is a tweed suit with or without a cloak. My jewelry are in silver, rubies, emeralds, and diamonds. My personal symbol is a red Quill and silver Dirk crossed in a green background.

Abilities: (Total Points: 38)

Psyche: Ranked with 38 points.

Strength: Amber Ranked.

Endurance: Amber Ranked.

Warfare: Amber Ranked.

Good stuff: 2 points.

Powers: (Total Points: 60)

Advanced Trump Artistry.

Creates Trumps

Trump Sketches

Trump Identification of caller, by checking all Trumps.

Trump Defense, from intrusion by: Pattern, Logrus, Psyche, and most magic's.

Sensing Trump quality in any object.

Creating Trump powered Artifacts.


Point expenditure:

Abilities: (Total Points: 38)

Powers: (Total Points: 60)

Artifacts: (Total Points: 21)

Shadows: (Total Points: 04)

Stuff: (Total Points: 02)

Total Points: 125

Artifacts: (Total Points: 21)

1) Trump pen (8 points) (Silver, diamond, emerald, and rubies)

Trump powered (4)

Doubling damage (2)

Named and numbered forms (2)

Trump pen forms:

  1. artist (Trump powered) pen

  2. dirk (Scottish dagger)

  3. short rapier

  4. bracelet

  5. goblet

  6. flute

2) Personal Trump deck (2 points)

Trump cards in personal deck, all drawn by Dirk:

  1. Room in Castle Amber

  2. Cabin in Cape Hatteras

  3. Noltland Castle in Shadow M'erth.

  4. Farmhouse on Westray Island.

  5. Closet in farmhouse on Westray Island in Scotland

  6. University of Edinburgh (isolated area of the campus near the library)

  7. Dirk

  8. Library in Castle Amber

  9. Fiona (mother)

  10. Ian Burness (father)

  11. Oberon (grandfather)

  12. Clarissa (grandmother)

  13. Dworkin (great grandfather)

  14. Unicorn grove

  15. King Random

  16. Queen Vialle

  17. Llewella

  18. Bleys

  19. Deirdre

  20. Brand

  21. Benedict

  22. Corwin

  23. Ge’rard

  24. Dalt

  25. Martin

  26. Merlin

  27. Caine

  28. Flora

  29. Eric

  30. Julian

  31. Erin Kirok of M’erth

  32. Mikael of M’erth

  33. Cassandra Monivey in Scotland

  34. Tarot Q’cat

3) Tarot - Q’cat from M’erth (11 points)

Combat Reflexes (Amber level) (2)

Psychic Sensitivity (1)

Extra Hard Damage (Teeth and claws) (1)

Able to Speak (Limited Thari) (1)

Follow Shadow Trail (1)

Double Stamina (1)

Chaos Vitality (2)

Double Speed (2)

Tarot is a Scottish wildcat, well over three feet long, thick bodied, thick furred, broad headed, long limbed, standing at full stretch on braced powerful forepaws. His fur looks like a stripped tabby cat that is black and silver, his forehead has the similar unjoined 'M' markings. An intruder looks into the great, mad, amber eyes of the Devil incarnate. Tarot growls like a small lion, then as his eyes become level to the intruder, "PAAAH!" a blast of hot steamy air shoots into the intruder's face. Tarot spits at the intruder, his forepaw was slammed down in front of him to accentuate the spit. It sounds more like a small charge of dynamite going off. Tarot opens his mouth, showing the curled rasping red tongue, the fearsome array of brownish teeth and sabre-like canines, and the flattened ears. The intruder would swear that he saw flames flickering behind those huge malevolent eyes. Flames of hatred toward all who would invade and threaten his territory.

Pound for pound, he is the fiercest of animals. His low growl, "urrr urrr", sounds like a dynamo throbbing deep in the bowels of the earth. His body is built for agility, climbing, pouncing, jumping, and short burst of speed chasing after smaller prey. He is 45 inches long (body 30", tail 15") and weighs 24 pounds. Other measurements are: upper arm 4.75", inner forearm bone 5.5", and thigh bone 5.5". His tail is half the length of his head and body, which is thick and bushy; ending in a blunt black tip. It has nine broad black rings . His normal diet is composed of birds and rodents.

He locates smaller victims mainly by sight, approaching carefully. With a lightning bound, pounces, clutches the prey with its claws and holds it down or hauls back for the death bite, usually in the skull or neck area. With larger prey, it stalks behind cover as much as possible, keeping low until several yards away. He gathers his legs together and with a burst of devastating speed, bounds forward making his attack as terrifying as possible. Where cover is dense, he relies more on scent and hearing.

Tarot, like other wildcats are solitary in nature. However, Tarot was raised by Dirk. He accepts him and tolerates those who are on good terms with Dirk, but will spit at others. His territory will range over 150 acres, depending on terrain, food supply, and seasonal changes. His ferocity is primarily defensive, he will try to escape if possible. A fight will be vicious and noisy.

4) Personal Shadow "M'erth" (Total Points: 4)

Personal Shadow (1)

Control of time flow and contents (2)

Communication through Trump contact only. (1)

Ruler ship is maintained by my trusted regent "Erin Kirok". The regent is monitored and contacted regularly by Trump. Erin can reach me by Trumps to make me aware of a problem in M'erth that needs to be addressed personally

My personal Shadow M'erth is one that is reminiscent of a feudal society in coastal Scotland and the islands. There, my art is appreciated and I am revered. There is a vast quantity of gems mined in the Shadow. So many, in fact, that they are almost worthless there; yet I receive them in a vast treasure vault in my immense Noltland Castle retreat. This gives me unlimited wealth in other Shadows. The majority are in rubies, emeralds, and diamonds. They are still valuable enough to keep jewelers in business and kept extremely busy.

The Shadow can be manipulated to speed up the time flow when needed. So far I have been able to keep the culture in this state and they stay devoted to me awaiting my return.

My Shadow contains many of the masters of art brought in from other Shadows and timelines. There resides: DaVinci, Rembrandt, and hundreds of others that are happy in their new residence. There is a great commingling of art styles and an incredible sense of competition between artists for the honor and praise of the population. They experience a freedom of expression that they have never known in their own Shadow and Dirk provides them everything they desire.

Prosperity abounds in M'erth. Annual festivals held there are unequaled in any Shadow. Unusual life forms are found there that exist out of mythology in Shadow Earth. Selkies (seal folk and shapeshifters) and small dragons "Fairie", are found near every coast in M'erth. They are loved and fiercely protected and coveted by the residents of M'erth.

The other unique creature in M'erth are the Q’cats (or Paaah) of M'erth. They are the descendants of Quill, my first cat from Shadow Earth. Due to the ready access of food and my altering of Shadow M'erth, they are: three times the size of Shadow Earth cats; extremely powerful, quick, agile, and intelligent; fierce fighters; domesticated and faithful to the person they are bonded with; and they are greatly coveted by the people of M'erth. The people of M'erth become blessed when a Q'cat (Quill cat) adopts them; the people view this attention as a sign of further prosperity and a blessing from their Lord Dirk.

All other appearances of M'erth would be recognized as a Medieval / Renaissance Earth. The feudal lords there are fiercely devoted to me and my regent. They would rally to fight and die to protect their Lord Dirk, my mother the Lady Fiona, my father Lord Ian, and the realm of M'erth.

Noltland Castle is my home in M'erth. It is an impressive fortress named after the modest castle ruins in Scotland in Westray Island. The dungeons are relatively clean from disuse. There is no poverty, there is no starvation, there is plenty of work, and prosperity abounds.

People of M'erth fish and farm for food. Food sources are so plentiful and easy to produce, people have more time for crafts, arts, music, and education. Open warfare and crime is almost unheard of. Religion and government are passive and supportive of the people. Both are available to provide the aid needed to help people with self sufficiency, planning, budgeting, and education. There is no ‘known’ corruption within governmental or religious organizations.


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