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Prince Kerryl Sawall of Amber, Lord of Hawthorne

Prince Kerryl Sawall of Amber appears in an online game called:

"The Stars Over Kolvir" at: www.rpol.net


To see how the game progresses, visit here: http://www.rpol.net/game.cgi?gi=27131&gn=Amber:+Stars+Over+Kolvir


Prince Kerryl Sawall, Lord of Hawthorne:

Kerryl Sawall as portrayed by Michael Weatherly  

A montage of Kerryl (thanks to Michael Weatherly))

Small size

Larger size


His Chaosian form, a Nightmare:



Princess Cassandra Swayville (his beloved):


Lady Coralyne Tiana Sawall (his mother):

Lady Coralyne Tiana Sawall (his mother)


Lady Titania Sawall (his grandmother):

Lady Titania Sawall (his grandmother)


Prince Khar Barimen (his father):

Prince Khar Barimen (his father)



Fedora image Kerryl's Journal can be found here.

Join Kerryl and his relatives in Amber and Chaos.



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