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Jack "Tarquin" Wylde


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Character Name: Jack "Tarquin" Wylde

Palladium OCC: Detective / Diabolist

Player Name: Cal Westray

Webpage: www.westray.org



Height: 6'    Weight: 170    Build: Slender   Hair: Dark Auburn

Eyes: Steel Gray    Age: 30


Places of Business:

Wylde's Emporium of Detection

Deuce's Wylde



Jack Wylde's character information and abilities.


Palladium: Casebooks of Jack Wylde

CN04-01 Might as Well be Undead

CN04-02 Too Many Adventurers

CN04-03 Murder is no Joke

CN04-04 Death of a Demon

CN04-05 Please Pass the Guilt

CN04-06 The Green Mountain

CN04-07 Not Quite Dead Enough

CN04-08 Eeny Meeny Murder Moe

CN04-09 The Hidden Tiger

CN04-10 A Window For Death



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