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Spycraft d20 RPG:

A Role Playing Game is now out 'Spycraft'! It just came out in March 2002 and it is based upon the espionage genre and people are already looking into campaign material based upon The Avengers and other spy series. If you are a gamer or are looking for research material, check it out! I am working on a character sheet for a new character I plan to use soon. Jack Wylde, Codename: Tarquin.


What is Spycraft? The text from the Alderac site states that: "Spycraft is a roleplaying game set in a world of dark secrets and high espionage, where players become larger-than-life superspies poised to take on threats of global scale power-mad dictators, eccentric billionaire industrialists, and criminal masterminds obsessed with global domination. Join a team of highly trained professionals outfitted with the latest cutting-edge gadgets and a worldwide information network, then shoot, seduce, or speed your way through the deadliest missions your Game Control can devise."
Spycraft 2002 Alderac Entertainment Group

Eventually I would like to display pages that will show the detail stats of John Steed and his partners. If you have any details you have worked up, please contact me.  




The International Spy Museum is now open in Washington D.C. Schedule a visit!


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