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This page features links to media sites I like. Please let me know if there are any problem with the links. Thank you! Visit my Midi page for a selection of television theme music. When you visit other sites, be sure to return and visit more of my pages. Thank you!


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Cal's Media Features (My Sites):


Comedy page. An assortment of humorous pages and links.


Burke's Law. Links and pictures to Gene Barry's program.


I Spy. Commentary and Links to the TV series I Spy.


Nero Wolfe. Information and links to Nero Wolf sites.


The Prisoner. Links and pictures to Patrick McGoohan's unique program.


The Thin Man. Movies with William Powell as Nick Charles, Myrna Loy as his wife Nora Charles, and their dog Asta. Links and pictures. Please be patient, it may take a bit to load all the pictures.


Tommy Sledge. Stand-up Detective.


The Tick with commentary and links, featuring Patrick Warburton.


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A Great Place to Start:

Visit the International Spy Museum! www.spymuseum.org is open in Washington D.C. Schedule a visit!


Visit the Crime Museum! Check out the DC Tours at the museum. A spectacular Washington attraction, the Crime Museum delivers information, both visual and descriptive, on US crime history, punishment, police forces, forensics, and much more.


Visit the Stiletto Spy School! Spy girls come from all walks of life in a variety of beautiful shapes and sizes. Yet they have much in common - a thirst for adventure; the desire to learn new things; and the need to step out of their comfort zone, at least once in a while. That’s where we come in....

Fun, excitement, glamour, intrigue. Pushing limits, breaking boundaries, bonding with friends old and new, and learning real life skills and lessons that apply from the boardroom to the bedroom.
In their unique women’s only “Training Missions”, you’ll train with experts in of such confidence-boosters as military hand to hand combat training, poker lessons with a world-champion teacher, racing cars and speedboats, martini mixology, dancing the tango and dancing on the pole, precision firearms training, perfect wine pairings, and so much more.


Mystery Guild Book Club
Mystery Guild Book Club offers discount mystery books including murder mysteries, detective fiction, thriller books, crime novels and true crime books from best selling mystery authors.


The Thrilling Detective Web Site by Kevin Burton Smith. Look for your favorite detective in the media. You will be amazed at the information that is available on the most obscure gum shoe. Highly recommended!


Handheld Crime - Free Crime Fiction for PDA's Get your crime stories free by old and new authors for the PDA. There is a 'lot' of new talent out there. How can you go wrong?


Internet Movie Database Having first gained attention for its cataloging of film bloopers, the site now grabs attention for its flexible search engine and its wonderful cross-referencing of all kinds of movie information. After you find a movie you're interested in, a large array of icons link to plot summaries, reviews, production notes, release schedules, financial information, and more. The main page for each movie lists every person involved with the production from the director and actors to the assistant caterer -- and most names include links to dedicated pages giving that person's entire career history.


Are you interested in watching or learning about cheap movies? I mean movies that are so bad, so horrible, and so terrible, that you can't stop watching them? Like an accident, you "can't" look away. There are many sites designed to satisfy the appetite of many bad film watchers. Check out just a few review and source sites: Stomp Tokyo, bad movies, terrible movies, or B Monster. You "were" warned!


Description from the site: It's a moment. A defining moment when you know that your favorite television program has reached its peak. That instant that you know from now on...it's all downhill. Some call it the climax. We call it jumping the shark. This is a great site to see if your favorite TV program lost it's magic. Provide your input to the discussion! Vote on that defining moment or if you feel that it never jumped the shark.


TV scripts by Drew's Script-O-Rama. Look for the show you are interested in and see what's available.


Dark Horizons - Check out this site to find out the latest news, images, clips and reviews of all the current and upcoming blockbuster films. Also included are some great episode guides to your favourite cult TV shows, as well as a weekly breakdown of films and shows screening in the US, the UK and Australia.


Spies of the Silver Screen by Cinemarquee. They have loads of cool pages that cover a range of Theatre and literature topics, including: scifi, mystery, martial arts, pulp heroes, screen writers, actors, directors, cast workers, 8mm films, and much more!


Memorable TV - Memorable Television (the Golden Age of TV). Their encyclopedia database of television programs can be purchased on CD.


Do you need to re-print DVD covers? A great place to look is www.CDCovers.cc!


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Trying to find that hard to find or out of print book? Try the following:

Advanced Book Search

Bookfinder (a meta search engine)

Chambal.com (search for rare books)

And of course try ebay, someone may be trying to sell it.


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Miscellaneous external sites:

Where to find live entertainment, search for the nearest Renaissance Faires.


The Wayback Machine! - The Internet Archive is building a digital library of Internet sites and other cultural artifacts in digital form. Like a paper library, we provide free access to researchers, historians, scholars, and the general public. This site is something you won't believe! Enter a site name and it will display the history of that site and access to each saved version of that site. Truly amazing!


After all this web surfing, do you need a break? Before you continue channel changing, put down your mouse and consider this your official commercial time. Stop at the Cyber Toilets for an amusing trip to the little boy's or little girl's room. Fix yourself a drink and some popcorn then return for more web surfing.




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