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I Spy:

I Spy starred Robert Culp as Kelly Robinson and Bill Cosby as Scott Alexander. It ran for 82 episodes from 1965 to 1968 with a special made for TV movie 'I Spy Returns' in 1994. The DVD sets are available for the entire series!


I Spy Music:

Space Age Music Maker - Earle Hagen (composer for the I Spy theme and soundtrack; includes ordering information) Sadly, Earle Hagen passed on recently (born July 9, 1919 and died May 26, 2008).

I Spy opening track on MP3

I Spy closing track on MP3


Midi theme version:

I Spy Theme (4k) The music you hear when you open this page.


Some CD's with I Spy Theme music:

Film Score Monthly - I Spy Soundtrack

Television's Greatest Hits Volume 2 (1986) - TeeVee Toons Records

The 25th Anniversary Edition TV Classic Themes (1998) - Breakable Records

Ultra Lounge Volume 7 - The Crime Scene - Spies, Thighs, and Private Eyes (1996) - Capital Records, Inc.

Secret Agent File (1984) - GNP Crescendo Records

Fantastic Television!! (1996) - GNP Crescendo Records



The International Spy Museum is now open in Washington D.C. Schedule a visit!

The Official I Spy Page.

Did I Spy ever Jump the Shark? Give them your opinion and search for other shows!

I Spy at TV.com.

I Spy Fanfiction Archive by anneinchicago. Includes a fanfiction tale called 'Matchmaker, Matchmaker'. There is also an organized Webring and Yahoo! Group link.

I Spy fansite by Jason Manning at ispy65@lycos.com.

I Spy Starring Robert Culp and Bill Cosby. Cast and episode listings.

I Spy  by bennett_trish@hotmail.com.

I Spy Tim's TV Showcase. His new site.  

I Spy episode guide by epguides.com.

I Spy S. J. Dibai's house of I SPY.

I Spy by TV Museum.

I Spy Resource Center.

I Spy is currently running on AmericanLife TV Network. Wednesdays at 8:00PM.


Robert Culp:

Robert Culp by TV Tome.

Robert Culp by Trivia Tribute.


Bill Cosby:

Bill Cosby by Celebrity Wonder.

Bill Cosby by Delafont.


Earle Hagen:

I Spy - Earle Hagen and I Spy.


Chat about I Spy:

The Wonderfulness of I Spy Bulletin Board.

I Spy Forum by Network54.


Yahoo! Groups:




What guns did they use?

Kelly used a Custom Walther P38K

Scotty used a Colt Commander



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