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The Tick:


My mind has always been my Achilles' Heel.
                                        -The Tick


There are a few new programs that I have warmed up to. Since X-Files has "Jumped the Shark", very little has appeared to get my attention. I am embarrassed to say that I enjoy watching "Angel". It has a detective noir feel to it, with plenty of angst and pathos. "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and "Charmed" are quaint and amusing. "Smallville" looks very promising. I need a new sci-fi/fantasy to watch. It has been awhile since a new program came along to get me to laugh out loud for an entire half hour.


Along came "The Tick", opposite "Survivor" on Thursday evening at 8:30PM. A slot designed to kill any program. What were these programming schedulers thinking? Are they insane? Well, frankly YES! I am one of those people who watch "Survivor", "The Mole", "The Great Race", etc. I watch them, because the majority of the other programs on network TV are so deplorable! The rest of the time I will watch CNN, CNBC, Fox News, etc. because nothing else is worth watching.


I was waiting for months for it to come on, so I recorded it while watching "Survivor". I watched "The Tick", undisturbed, undistracted, undis-whatever...


I watched and I laughed. I was in complete disbelief. Patrick Warburton was absolutely perfect for this role! The rest of the cast watched the Tick as we did. They reacted the way we would, if we had to deal with the Tick personally.


If there EVER was a sleeper TV show that will be completely overlooked by the mainstream, it will be "The Tick". I can only hope that FOX will remove their heads from their nether-regions and put it in the proper slot. FOX is already messing with the schedule by replacing some episodes with lame movies. I planned to watch "The Tick" on Thanksgiving night! And it won't be on the 29th either, another lame movie that I could rent - "if" I was remotely interested! Come on FOX, put it on a good time slot and leave it alone!!!


Am I exaggerating? I don't think so. Watch an episode and make up your own mind.


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My favorite Super-hero is Batmanuel, portrayed by Nestor Carbonell.

Here is the wit and wisdom of Batmanuel:

Captain Liberty: Are we lonely?
Batmanuel: We're too attractive to be lonely.
Captain Liberty: But we are alone.
Batmanuel: Not alone. Lone. Alone is an unfortunate predicament - lone is an aesthetic choice.

Batmanuel: We are having a conversation on when we will have sex again.
Captain Liberty: It's a short conversation, never!

Batmanuel: You know, if you'd asked out that girl from The Panda when I told you, you'd be on a date right now, instead of driving around in the makeshift hearse of your childhood hero. Just something to think about for next time.

Batmanuel: Yeah, right, who are they kidding. Bonus! They just want to bone-us.

Batmanuel: Feed Batmanuel. Charity begins at Batmanuel's home. A Batmanuel is a terrible thing to waste.

Batmanuel: Batmanuel is mired in much litigation.

Batmanuel: Are you capable of kicking Arthur's doughy, white behind?

Batmanuel: Then my friend, wear the suit. Wear two suits!

Batmanuel: I didn't know the Pentagon read Peek-a-Boom!

Batmanuel: Another urban myth dispelled. Ninjas don't bounce.

Batmanuel: Janet, you don't by chance have any hand-puppets do you?

Batmanuel: (to Arthur) I would not go out there, my little friend. Apocalypse Cow is 50 feet tall and shoots fire from her teats.

Arthur: You think she's only talking to me because of the suit?
Batmanuel: I'm only talking to you because of the suit.

Batmanuel: Herein you see the power of the suit. Women cannot resist the suit. Men cannot resist the suit. Dogs...
Arthur: Yeah, I get it.

Batmanuel: Tick, you don't by any chance have super-hearing?
Tick: What?

BatManuel: No offense intended.
Tick: None comprehended.

Liberty: Blah-Blah-Blah--Tick.
Blah-Blah-Blah--Wine and cheese.
Batmanuel: Blah-Blah-Blah--Condom.
Blah-Blah-Blah--Call girl.
Blah-Blah-Blah--Paternity suit.
Blah-Blah-Blah--Excellent lawyer.

Batmanuel: "I saved her, too, once, if you know what I'm saying."
The Tick: "Nope."

Batmanuel: "Right-wing ice princess!"
Captain Liberty: "Greasy twerp!"

(Batmanuel informs the nervous Arthur before taking a cell phone call from a friend with good-looking relatives.)
Batmanuel: "Diego," he smiles, as the city explodes just outside the window, "how's your sister?"

(as Batmanuel prepares to give a speech)
General: Make it fast.
Batmanuel: Batmanuel never makes it fast. Unless the husband is...you know.

Captain Liberty: Do you always have to hide behind sex?
Batmanuel: I can't help it. It's so big.

Arthur: Would you believe six months ago I was a bean counter at an accounting firm.
Batmanuel: Yes, yes I would.

Arthur: Nobody's going to kill us in broad daylight.
Batmanuel: That's what the last witness who was killed in broad daylight said.

Captain Liberty: Fondue?
Batmanuel: It is the food of lovers. Unless they are lactose-intolerant.

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