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Trump of Gérard


Corwin: “And a big, powerful man regarded me from the next card. He resembled me quite strongly, save that his jaw was heavier, and I knew he was bigger than I, though slower. His strength was a thing out of legend. He wore a dressing gown of blue and gray clasped about the middle with a wide, black belt, and he stood laughing. About his neck, on a heavy cord, there hung a silver hunting horn. He wore a fringe beard and a light mustache. In his right hand he held a goblet of wine. I felt a sudden affection for him. His name then occurred to me. He was Gérard.”


Random: “I know damn well that Gérard would have chosen that moment to attack. The big bastard would have strode forward with that monster blade of his and cut the thing in half. Then it probably would have fallen on him and writhed all over him, and he’d have come away with a few bruises.”



Gérard was portrayed by Cal Westray in the Amber DRPG campaign ElderMania run by Jo Ann Spencer.

Read Gérard's ElderMania Journal: Start with ElderMania: Gérard's setup, then ElderMania: Gérard's writings, and ElderMania: Gérard's journal.'


Cal portrays Steed in various Amber DRPG campaigns.


Cal portrays Amos Hunter in the Amber DRPG campaign Blaze of Glory run by Sol Foster.



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