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December 05, 2006:

1) I did some long overdue cleanup of files. And a bit of reorganization.


December 21, 2004:

1) I modified the copyright information and updated the dates on the pages for 2005. There was also some cleanup of old information.


June 29, 2004:

1) I added a new Palladium character Katar Hol. This goes with my original Palladium character Jack Wylde. I added artwork that was generated by Hero Machine.


May 5, 2004:

1) I added more Midi files in the Midi page.


March 22, 2004:

1) I added thumbnails from "The Lobsterman From Mars" in the Tommy Sledge page.


December 1, 2003:

1) I added new pages for Nero Wolfe (a character by Rex Stout) and Tommy Sledge (a Stand-up Detective).


October 15, 2003:

1) I changed the Guestbook on my site.


June 18, 2003:

1) I added a new page of Humorous Quotes in my Comedy page.

2) I added some links in the Avengers pages to the A&E store.

3) More updates to family charts.


May 16, 2003:

1) I am making more changes to Westray/Wester charts. Check the Westray site map to see which charts have been updated. Many contributions have been provided and lots of progress is being made! Thanks to all for helping make the charts as current and as accurate as possible! I LOVE it!


May 2, 2003:

1) It was cleanup time. More links and updates in Avenger's sites. More updates to Genealogy charts.


March 7, 2003:

1) I built a d20 Modern page about the d20 Modern RPG. Hopefully it will become a site for characters and resources. Currently it refers to a character I designed for the game, Jack Wylde codename: Tarquin. This is a similar RPG game to the Spycraft RPG. Both are in the espionage genre and d20 Modern can be expanded to many other genres.

2) I haven't been able to publish since February 21st. The problem has been resolved, so now I can catch up again! There are many minor changes in a lot of pages, too many to mention in detail.


January 27, 2003:

1) Added a new Yahoo! Group: Mike_Gambit. Performed maintenance on several Avengers pages.

2) Added a new Steed's journal, based upon the Amber Library Yahoo! Group.

3) Added a new page: Buckeye Humor. How much of a Buckeye are you? See if you can recognize anything from the list.


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