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This page provides links to all things Avengers. It is by no means complete, but a result of what I've located on the web that is of some interest. If you know of any other Avengers related pages that should be included, please let me know!


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Avengers Links on Westray.org:

Check out the Avengers Cast and Broadcast page, Avengers Calendar of Events, Avengers Dream Cars, The New Avengers, and the Avengers Music and Sound page. There are also pages for the Avengers movie, Avengers Writings, and Avengers Poetry. Please let me know if there are any problems with the links. Thank you!

Links for Patrick Macnee as John Steed and Dame Diana Rigg as Mrs. Emma Peel are in their own pages. There are also pages for: Honor Blackman, Linda Thorson, Joanna Lumley, and Gareth Hunt. I have also supplied a page about John Steed facts, everything you wanted to know about Steed. If you know of other bits of Steed minutia, let me know.


New Avengers book!!!
Bowler Hats and Kinky Boots by Mike Richardson

Mike Richardson is releasing the most detailed book ever on the British TV shows 'The Avengers' and 'The New Avengers', called "Bowler Hats and Kinky Boots", which will be published by Telos Publishing.



Compiled from official paperwork from ABC Television, Iris Productions, Telemen Productions, ABC Television Films, The Avengers (Film & TV) Enterprises and Warner Brothers, including internal correspondence and daily progress reports, this volume gives a day by day account of how the series progressed. In addition to this information, the author has also spoken and corresponded with many people who worked on the series, thus giving the fullest picture yet of how this classic and stylish British production was assembled. This volume also covers the South African radio series and the stage play.

Just to wet your appetite I can confirm that you will also discover the answers to the following…
Who was the first actress considered as Ian Hendry’s replacement?
Which episode of The Avengers was vetted by The Ministry of Defence before transmission?
Which major member of the videotaped production was later invited to join the team at Elstree Studios making the series on film and turned it down?
Before the Associated British Picture Corporation decided to fund the series on film, ABC Television considered making the series as a co-production with another ITV regional company, but which one?
Besides the UK, which other country was considered for filming episodes of The Avengers?
In spring 1965 Honor Blackman was offered the lead in which primetime American TV series?
Which black and white Diana Rigg episode besides A Touch of Brimstone had cuts?
Which director was verbally reprimanded by Albert Fennell for rewriting portions of a film series script in his lunch break?

Further to this, there is the full story behind the proposed Broadway Avengers musical, the 1965 feature film project that was to have location filming in the Middle East, the 1971 stage play, the South African radio series and the 1998 feature film.


New Avengers Related Items:

Fans of Laurie Johnson's music may be interested in his newly-published autobiography, Noises in the Head. The Avengers, New Avengers and Professionals are all given coverage including previously unknown production details along with all the other major projects Laurie has taken part in over his long career. The book is published by Bank House Books www.BankHouseBooks.com and should be available to order from them direct. A paperback version will be released soon. You can also order it from Amazon UK and Amazon US.

(Thanks to Bank House Books for permission to use the cover scan)

From the Inside Flap
Laurie Johnson: Composer and Producer. His music is known worldwide: The Avengers, The Professionals, This Is Your Life, Dr Strangelove, concert works, stage musicals and much else. What is not well known is his role as a producer and the fact that he is also co-owner of Gainsborough Pictures and the first independent British television production company, which made The New Avengers and The Professionals, in addition to composing the music for them. He tells of the background to those award-winning series, the casting of which made household names of their stars.

Laurie Johnson has worked with some of the greatest talents in the entertainment industry – Stanley Kubrick, Sir Peter Ustinov, Lord Bernard Miles and Lord Lew Grade; writers Lionel Bart, Herbert Kretzmer, Peter Cook and Dame Barbara Cartland; actors Sir Harry Seacombe, Peter Sellers, Joanna Lumley, Dame Diana Rigg, Sir Spike Milligan, Beryl Reid, Kenneth Williams and James Coburn; also cinematic special-effects innovator, Ray Harryhausen.

He also writes of his legendary composer friends, Bernard Herrmann and Miklós Rósza, along with musicians, Ted Heath, Jack Parnell and Benny Green. Laurie Johnson founded the London Big Band, which contains most of the greatest jazz and orchestral musicians in Britain.

Noises In The Head is the story of a unique talent and a unique life, told with humour and humility.

Laurie Johnson interview:
Laurie Johnson in IMDB.com:

Please visit fulvuedrive-in.com for more Avengers.

An interview with Martin Woodhouse!



A Role Playing Game is now out 'Spycraft'! It just came out in March 2002 and it is based upon the espionage genre and people are already looking into campaign material based upon The Avengers and other spy series. If you are a gamer or are looking for research material, check it out! My Spycraft d20 RPG page. I am working on a character sheet for a new character I plan to use soon. Jack Wylde, Codename: Tarquin.



CalendarMart Logo

Order the new Avengers calendar at Calendar Mart now available!


Diana Rigg: The Biography

Diana Rigg Biography image

The first and only biography of the woman behind The Avengers' Emma Peel, one of America's most-loved television heroines and feminist icons.

Diana Rigg: The Biography gives readers a frank and honest look at the professional and private life of a star, a mother, a sex symbol and a Dame.


Avengers Links on the Web:

TheAvengers.TV's is the gateway to a whole family of Avengers websites, including The Avengers Forever. If you are an Avengers novice or just want to get a glimpse of that all the fuss is about, check out the Avengers profile. Also at the .tv webspace are The Avengers Image Archive, Noon: Doomsday (Press Coverage + Merchandise), Los Vengadores (the Net's only Spanish language Avengers site by co-webmasters Carlos Pages and Terylene. You can access the English version welcome page by clicking on Emma's bowler hat.), The Avengers Illustrated (devoted to The Avengers in comic strip form), The Avengers on the Radio (the net's only site devoted entirely to the South African radio series) and The Avengers eStore. Note: The Avengers Forever by David K. Smith, is a comprehensive site that is a must see! And check out their stock of Desktop Themes and Screensavers. I couldn't wait to change mine! A very cool page of artwork can be found at The Avengers Forever: John Cleverly Cartney.


If you're interested in free wallpapers for your computer, please check this out: 'TheCountess' Crypt of Creations.' It's a new group located at: http://www.smartgroups.com/groups/countessshefluffster This site offers a FREE assortment of wallpapers created by TheCountess.


The Internet Movie Database (www.imbd.com), a resource for the filmographies of the actors and details on TV programs and movies.


Visit Martin Woodhouse's site! www.martin-woodhouse.co.uk/ It may not be there any more...



Avenging Taglines! www.avengingtaglines.net/ A place for a huge collection of audio and video clips of Avengers and more!


Related links:

Visit the International Spy Museum! www.spymuseum.org is open in Washington D.C. Schedule a visit!


Visit the Crime Museum! Check out the DC Tours at the museum. A spectacular Washington attraction, the Crime Museum delivers information, both visual and descriptive, on US crime history, punishment, police forces, forensics, and much more.


Visit the Stiletto Spy School! Spy girls come from all walks of life in a variety of beautiful shapes and sizes. Yet they have much in common - a thirst for adventure; the desire to learn new things; and the need to step out of their comfort zone, at least once in a while. That’s where we come in....

Fun, excitement, glamour, intrigue. Pushing limits, breaking boundaries, bonding with friends old and new, and learning real life skills and lessons that apply from the boardroom to the bedroom.
In their unique women’s only “Training Missions”, you’ll train with experts in of such confidence-boosters as military hand to hand combat training, poker lessons with a world-champion teacher, racing cars and speedboats, martini mixology, dancing the tango and dancing on the pole, precision firearms training, perfect wine pairings, and so much more.


www.WesleyBritton.com Wesley Britton Web site and his books,

Spy Television, and Beyond Bond:

The Avengers on Radio review:

The TV Spies Bookshelf: This is an annotated bibliography of books about TV series, including a number on The Avengers.

Novelizing TV Spies: Paperback Adventures Never Broadcast. This is a comprehensive list of all novels based on spy TV shows, including all those on The Avengers.

And his blog on all thing spies: http://thespyreport.livejournal.com/


Reviews of the Avenger DVDs at Fulvuedrive-in.com

The Avengers – A Celebration: 50 Years Of A Television Classic

The Avengers ‘62

The Avengers: The Complete Emma Peel Mega-Set

The Avengers ‘68 - Set 5

The New Avengers – 1976 (Season One)

The New Avengers – 1977 (Season Two)


Target - Avengers locations - The Deadman's Treasure Hunt site!

Did the Avengers ever Jump the Shark? Give them your opinion and search for other shows!

Avengers WebRing - WebRing site RingMaster is nekospace2001.

Avengers 2000 An Avengers site for the New Millennium.

The Avengers page by Dissolute Technologies: Piers Johnson and Natasha Vogelmann. Lots of great material and an extensive episode guide.

wHom - The Avengers Episode Guide.

Avengers' Actors a list of all actors and actresses that appeared on the Avengers.

Pazsaz Entertainment Network: Avengers Episode Guide and More by Pazsaz Entertainment.

The Avengers Sound page by Linus.

Avengers Escape in Time Page by Genevieve.

The Avengers: Mit Schirm, Charme und Melone by TV-World.net.

Pipozor's Web by Pipozor.

Spy Bop Royale! Check out a site with a lot of information of spy based music.

StudioCanal French URL: The Avengers (Chapeau melon et bottes de cuir) - La série TV culte Official site from Canal+, owners of the rights to the original series and distributors of the French video and DVD releases. In English and French.

TV ACRES: Spy Guys & Secret Organizations Section - Robots - Avengers/New Avengers.

Fanfiction.net - Fan Fiction of the Avengers with various crossovers.

Mia's Mar Vista News Creative Writing Page - http://www.mmvn.net/mmvn/03_o_mmvn.htm

Spies of the Silver Screen by Cinemarquee. They have loads of cool pages that cover a range of Theatre and literature topics, including: scifi, mystery, martial arts, pulp heroes, screen writers, actors, directors, cast workers, 8mm films, and much more!

CINEMARQUEE - Mystery Lounge
Mystery Lounge. Welcome Dreammakers, to the MYSTERY LOUNGE... where all dreams are possible and where Heroes that were, always will be...

Memorable TV - Memorable Television (the Golden Age of TV). Their encyclopedia database of television programs can be purchased on CD.

Time Screen no. 13 has been converted to web-format. It includes the first ever guide to The Avengers locations - an article by Michael Richardson called A Day In Avengerland. Thanks to David Edge for the information! Very cool article with map of Avengerland.

EXTRAORDINARY CRIMES AGAINST THE PEOPLE AND THE STATE - Read to the Indianapolis Literary Club February 3, 1990 - George W. Geib

Reading between Designs - Visual Imagery and the Generation of Meaning in The Avengers, The Prisoner, and Doctor Who - By Piers D. Britton and Simon J. Barker.


Avengers Web Directories:

National TV listings Zap 2 It - for show, show description and news, related show web resources, and merchandise.


Avengers Tie-ins and Crossovers:

I enjoy reading Avengers crossovers; if you do too, check out the following links. My Amber site contains my version of Steed and Mrs. Peel in a crossover realm based upon Roger Zelazny's novels. Also checkout my Avengers writing page.


For the Avengers and many other crossovers, visit Alternate Dimensions & Universes to the Wold Newton Universe by Win Eckert. His site has moved, so make sure you are using the correct link! Most of the Avengers material is on the Crossover Chronology page.

With Umbrella, Charm & Bowler - A quirky look at the Avengers by David Chandler, for your amusement.


Avengers Web Discussion Groups:

Join the Suburbia Avengers discussion Group at: http://suburbia.com.au/mailman/listinfo/avengers

Participate in web discussions on TheAvengers.TV International Forum.


Yahoo! Groups: Mike_Gambit. Owner is CalWestray.

Yahoo! Groups: Ambassador Sergei Brodny. Owner is CalWestray.

Yahoo! Groups: Avengers_at_Suburbia. Owner is CalWestray.

Yahoo! Groups: 3_Stable_Mews. Owner is he_who_whispers.

Yahoo! Groups: The Ministry of Riggism. Owner is Barry Clarke.

Yahoo! Groups: The_New_Avengers. Owner is bromfieldhall.

Yahoo! Groups: Steed's Riding Club. Owner is Kristina Marie Vernon.

Yahoo! Groups: JLC's_Avengers. Owner is Jennifer Coffin.

Yahoo! Groups: QuiteQuiteFantasticAvengers. Owner is Michael Phillips.

Yahoo! Groups: LindaThorsonFanClub. Owner is patppg3.

Yahoo! Groups: Avengers1960sFanClub. Owner is sputnik spooner.

Yahoo! Groups: TheSecretAvengers · The Avengers: The Classic 60's TV Show. The Avengers . . . just for the sheer love of it. Particular focus is given to the relationship between John Steed with both Cathy Gale and Emma Peel. Owner is thenakedspy and Moderator is megastarlite.


The New Avengers: Gambit and Purdey links.


Avengers Movie: by Warner Brothers.

Movie-Mistakes.com - The Avengers Movie

MOATMAI (HellonEarth)- "serving stale content since 1998"


Sorry. Nothing else about the Avengers movie, just don't get me started.


Avengers with feet on the Table



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